Embedding ArcGIS Online maps in Facebook

ArcGIS Online maps can be used in many different ways and in many different applications – including ArcGIS for Desktop, ready-to-use web and mobile viewers, configurable applications and templates, and custom apps you build using the JavaScript, Flex, or Silverlight APIs, or mobile SDKs.

ArcGIS Online maps can also be embedded into websites, blogs, and even Facebook. Here’s an example that just went up today on Esri’s Facebook.

This virtual tour of the Esri campus was created by using the Motion-X GPS iPhone app to capture a path walked through the campus along with photos that were shared on Flickr. See the map details for more information.

The Static Iframe Tab by Woobox is used to add the custom tab that contains the map, and you can find it by entering “woobox” in search:

Note: This is one of several Facebook apps that enable you to embed your maps, and does not necessarily represent an endorsement.

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  1. saschwarzer1 says:

    Hi there! I tried to find this on the Esri Facebook page and couldn’t – how do we see it in action on Facebook? Thanks! Sarah

  2. odalaigh says:

    Works great in Firefox, but freaks out in IE. any way to fix that?