A Model to Filter Images for Build Pyramids and Statistics Tool

In ArcGIS 10.0, we introduced a new raster geoprocessing tool Build Pyramids and Statistics. You can use this tool to build pyramids and calculate statistics for all the raster datasets in a workspace, and even in a raster catalog or a mosaic dataset.

This tool provides a convenient solution to build multiple raster datasets in single step. However it works on all raster datasets in the workspace. Although the tool does not contain a filter option to allow you select a smaller collection of raster among all, we can design a simple model to do this.

This is what the model could look like:

The raster iterator can scan through the workspace recursively and also give you options to limit the search based on wildcard and format. Then you can use the “Build Pyramids” and “Calculate Statistics” tool to process the image one by one.

Written by: Jie Zhang

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  1. pranab says:

    Sir if you half me add the raster calculator tool in ArcMAP 9.3.1 modeler.

  2. Simon Woo says:

    Pranab, I am not completely sure I understand your questioncomment. I think you are asking if you are able to add the Raster Calculator into Model Build 9.3.1. That is not possible, since the Raster Calculator is not a GP tool in 9.3.1. All the Map Algebra tools can be used in Model Builder though.

    If that is not what you were trying to say, please let me know.

    Simon W.