What's New in ArcGIS Online (September 2011)

ArcGIS Online was recently updated with the following new features and improvements:

ArcGIS.com Map Viewer

The following are enhancements and improvements to the ArcGIS.com map viewer.


The ArcGIS.com map viewer now includes a measuring tool for determining the length of a line, the area of a polygon, or the coordinates of a point on a map using a variety of different units of measurement that you can choose from. See Measuring on the map for more information.

Overview Map

The map viewer now includes a built-in overview map. The overview map remains hidden in the upper right hand corner until you click to show it. The current basemap is the map shown in the overview, and the zoom box can be dragged to pan the main map.


The ArcGIS.com map viewer now supports bookmarks for quickly navigating to a specific location or extent. Bookmarks are saved in the map, so others that open your maps can use your saved bookmarks. See Using bookmarks on the map for more information.

Publish web applications directly from ArcGIS Online

You can now publish web mapping applications from map viewer templates on ArcGIS Online without needing to download the application and host it from your own servers. See Sharing maps for more information.

New configurable web application templates

Several newly included templates are customizable via a web interface (no downloading, editing, or programming required). Just author your webmap, configure pop-ups, choose a template, configure as desired, and publish directly from ArcGIS Online for an easy-to-share custom web application. Several new templates, including one for GPX display, have also been added, others have been updated and improved. See Sharing maps for more information.

Improved pop-up capabilities

You can now automatically enable pop-up windows on feature services (in addition to map services which have previously been supported) and maintain symbol changes and layer visibility. You can also remove pop-ups on feature layers. See Displaying features for more information.

Enhanced KML support

Extended data and network links with refresh parameters are now supported. See About KML for more information.

Enhanced shapefile display options

There is now an option to generalize features for faster web display. See Adding features from a file for more information.

Other ArcGIS Online improvements

  • Javascript and Flex mobile applications are now supported as items that you can add to My Contents
  • ArcGIS.com help videos can now be played on mobile devices.

For more information see the What’s New help documentation.

ArcGIS Explorer Online

Layer property improvements

You can now automatically enable pop-ups on feature services (in addition to map services which were already supported) and maintain symbol changes and layer visibility on map and feature service layers.

Improved rendering

For unique value and class breaks renderers you can make changes to all the symbols at once, rather than having to modify them each individually.

Scale-dependent layer visibility

You can specify a scale range for feature layers that determines whether the features will be drawn using specific map scales.

Improved shapefile display

You can now choose to generalize the features imported from a shapefile, increasing display performance for layers with large numbers of features or more complex features.

For more information see the What’s New help topic.

ArcGIS Online for organizations

(Note: These capabilities are currently available only via a controlled early-adopter beta program. Later this fall these capabilities will be available to all ArcGIS 10.1 beta community participants.)

By acquiring an ArcGIS Online subscription account for your organization you can manage your users, create custom home pages, leverage Esri-hosted map services for quick and easy map publishing (without needing to manage your own ArcGIS services), and more. Improvements to ArcGIS Online capabilities for organizations include the following:

Administrative improvements

  • Administrators can now fully customize the home page.
  • The layout for editing and customizing the home page and other elements of the organization site have been improved and streamlined. See Customizing the website for more information.

My Organization improvements

  • Users and publishers can now view the My Organization page. See Viewing My Organization for more information.
  • When applications are created, maps within them no longer need to be publicly shared, but can be limited to sharing within your organization or groups you belong to.
  • Applications for organizational use can also be configured via the web. See Publishing applications for more information.
  • The process for joining an organization has been improved
  • The ArcGIS.com map viewer now includes a My Organization link.
  • The ArcGIS link at the top of the website has been renamed to Home.

See What’s new in ArcGIS Online for organizations for more information.

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