What's New in ArcGIS Explorer Desktop (build 1750)

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ArcGIS Explorer Desktop is a free, downloadable GIS viewer that provides an easy way to explore, visualize, share, and present geographic information. The latest release of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop (build 1750) delivers the following fixes and improvements to the previous release. See our previous blog post for a list of new features and capabilities introduced with Explorer 1700.  

  • SDE connection passwords are now stored in the map by default
  • The popup window displays information from joined tables
  • Import of GPX files has been improved for faster performance
  • Popups for multiple layers now includes the layer name
  • GPS and geotagged photo locations using commas in place of decimals (for non-English locales) are now supported
  • The busy cursor is displayed when waiting for popup information to return
  • Map transformations are applied correctly when creating map content, viewing KML, and geotagging photos
  • ArcGIS services with reverse proxy or virtualized configurations are now supported in 2D mode
  • Rasters from ArcSDE no longer cause failure when clicking the tools tab
  • When connecting to a GPS receiver the options dialog is now displayed when the device is not detected
  • Go to in 2D display mode zooms completely to all features
  • GeoRSS layer popups have been enhanced for better formatting
  • You can now upload KML to your ArcGIS Online account directly from Explorer Desktop
  • Maptips for feature layers are displayed when enabled
  • Find stops searching when there is no match
  • ArcGIS Explorer will not crash when opening a webmap from ArcGIS Online
  • Fixed Measure Point latitude/longitude formatting


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