Another round of updates – Infrastructure Editing Template

Hope everyone on the east coast made it through the hurricane ok. We lost power for a few days here at the Water Team headquarters in the Philadelphia area. The down time allowed us to crank out another release of the IET. We spend the time working on tools to help you move assets from proposed to in-service, in-service to abandoned, etc.
One new tool you will see came from a UC request and thought it would be a good start for this toolset. This tool allows you to reassign all connected assets to a main to a new main. Very simple, select the main that is going to be abandoned, select the new main, and all taps, laterals, valves, etc are moved over to the new main.
We also added a new rule to the Attribute Assistant – MOVE_FEATURE. This rule monitors a field and when that value of the field matches what is listed in the value info, the feature is either copied or moved to the target feature class.
Lastly we are working on a python script to move feature also. This script looks at the selected features, copy’s them to a target featureclass and sets the source features name in a field. We might look at building an ArcObjects tool to do the something similar, but expose a few more options in the configuration files. Maybe the python script can load the same config file.
Not only did we add a few new tools, but we also made a bunch of internal bug fixes and enhancements to improve the stability and functionality of the toolset.
Thanks for you feedback on the last weeks post. Please keep it coming.



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