Historical USGS topographic quads

By Aileen Buckley, Mapping Center Lead

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Some of you may find this news of interest…the USGS historical topographic quadrangles are being made available in the Map Locator application at the USGS Store website (http://store.usgs.gov/), for viewing/downloading in GeoPDF format (a print-on-demand can also be ordered). They will be posted in the same order that the new product U.S. topos are being made available, so the first state for which they are available is Kansas. These historical quad scans include every version of a USGS topographic quadrangle map that was printed, including reprints where no changes were made to the interior of the map. Here is where you can find details on this project: http://nationalmap.gov/historical/index.html.

Note that we also blogged about this in an earlier entry: USGS Historical Quadrangle Scanning Project.

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  1. Spencir says:

    Whats ESRI’s plan to transition to the new topographic quad maps? (like ArcGIS online and the Online Basemaps). I work with topos at my work and am curious to know how the USGS is going to make all these state, local, government entities aware of the new version and for these agencies to start using the new style topographic map and get rid of the old version, because I think many will be reluctant to change over to the new style. Any thoughts??

  2. cfrye says:

    The USGS has created map services that provide current status for which digital quadrangles are available (yellow = available and red = forthcoming).  The map also uses The National Map content that has been cached to create a basemap.

    Here is the URL:  http://bit.ly/nLgMbJ

    I also set up a popup that contains the link to download the digital quad. 

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  4. solcan6 says:

    dont have any comment at this time, just want to know how the map can be use as a detailed info to make history.