Just Getting Started with Web Mapping?

If you are an existing developer who is just getting started
developing web mapping applications, or if you are new to web mapping, then
this blog post is for you. Additionally, if you are hacking for humanitarian events such as Random Hacks of Kindness, or participating in Crisis Camps or WhereCamps then read on. In fact, we have several free APIs, tools, online
mapping services and other resources that can help you quickly create an app.  This post gives a quick overview of those and gives
you some ideas on where to jump in and try out our technology.

Mapping APIs 

Our mapping APIs come in many flavors including web and
mobile. With them you can quickly create mashups that bring
together data from various geo-services that are publicly available or that you
publish yourself. Pick the API that best matches your team’s skill set since all
the APIs have very similar functionality. If you are new to web development,
then a really good place to start is with JavaScript. Also be sure to check out
the pre-built samples as well as the Code Galleries for ideas on how to use certain functionality:

Viewers, Apps, and Templates

We offer a number of customizable Viewers, starter apps,
and templates that give you a significant head start:

  • Web
    App Templates
    – Copy these files to your web server and with a few small
    changes you can have a fully configured web mapping app.
  • ArcGIS Viewer
    for Flex
    This is a ready-to-deploy
    mapping viewer application that provides an open framework that you can extend
    by building custom widgets.
  • ArcGIS
    Editor for OpenStreetMap
    – This lets you download data from Open Street Map
    (OSM) to create, edit or delete information using ArcGIS Desktop. When you are done you can publish your changes to
    the public OSM servers.
  • Public
    Information Map app
    – This is a fully functional template for an incident response web page.
    It’s focused on integrating social media such as Twitter and Facebook, as well
    as allowing the community to provide updates.

And, here are a few examples of production apps that have
been built on these platforms:

Online Resource for

ArcGIS.com is an
excellent resource for finding ready-to-use geo-services that you can connect
your applications to. Examples include:


Additional Resources

Esri Nonprofit
Organization Program
– Be sure to visit this webpage if you are a
non-profit organization that needs access to software.

– If there is a disaster and you need software, imagery, or
technical assistance, then check out this webpage.

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