Public Safety Common Operational Picture Template v. 2.2 Released

The February 7, 2011 release of the Public Safety Common Operational Picture template for ArcGIS 10 addresses the following:

New Functionality

1. Added support for the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 2.2

2. Added support for the dynamic Legend Widget and removed the static Legend contained in About link

3. Updated symbology for incident point, line and polygon features

4. Added a custom pop up widget to display feature information (aliases, field formatting, etc.)

5. Converted imagery hybrid basemap in to a web map that now includes the World Imagery ArcGIS Online service and a reference overlay from the local government geodatabase

Resolved Problems


Known Issues


Also note that a video on How to use the Public Safety COP Template for ArcGIS 10 has been posted to the Local Government Video Gallery.

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  1. ToddZ431 says:

    Is there documentation available for the MultilayerIdentifyWidget? It seems to be a very useful widget in our COP, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to create a link in the tag. Is there another way to use a URL field to create a clickable link in the results?