Geodatabase Toolset for ArcCatalog

I hope that all Desktop users saw the announcement on the Geodatabase blog that the ArcGIS 10 version of the Geodatabase Toolset (GDBT) is available for download.

The GDBT is a popular, unsupported extension to ArcGIS Desktop. It provides a collection of tools that you can use to troubleshoot, monitor, and investigate ArcSDE (enterprise) geodatabases. The GDBT works with geodatabases stored on SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, DB2, or PostgreSQL databases. It provides a wide variety of information including:The total number of rows in the add and delete tables

  • Users connected to the geodatabase and locked schemas
  • A graphic of the state tree lineage
  • Detailed information of a features class spatial index
  • Parent-child relationships between versions for version management
  • Table and Index Statistics for geodatabase stored in an Oracle database

Note: The GDBT is an “unsupported” extension so Esri Technical Support is not available for the toolset.

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  1. bWayneSilva says:


    I have two questions about the GDBT for 10. It does seem to work, but:

    1. No help installed on my computer (or at least I cannot find it).
    2. The stats on spatial indexes seems to just be static information that does not change with different layers.



  2. janierichardson says:

    Does this toolset work in Version 10.1?

  3. bennadler says:

    PLEASE PLEASE upgrade tool to 10.1 and beyond.
    Actually just make it part of core…PLEASE!!!

  4. kbullock1213 says:

    Has a 10.1 version been released yet???

  5. ccgiscoop says:

    Periodically I check this blog to see if there is any news on an update to GDBT. And there isn’t. Mine quit working about 6 months ago and I surely do miss it. Does anyone have information on whether GDBT will be updated and released? I have looked at the most recent download but since it requires making regedit changes, I’d rather not.
    Thanks for any information!