Geodatabase Toolset (GDBT) for ArcCatalog – Now available for 10.0!

I’m pleased to announce that the Geodatabase Toolset (GDBT) for ArcCatalog is now available for 10.0.

You can download it RIGHT HERE!!

What a great month for pleasing announcements!

The GDBT is a popular, unsupported extension to ArcGIS Desktop. It provides a collection of tools that you can use to troubleshoot, monitor, and investigate ArcSDE (enterprise) geodatabases. The GDBT works with geodatabases stored on SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, DB2, or PostgreSQL databases. It fits neatly inside all Hoel Endorsed carry-on baggage and provides a wide variety of information including:

  • The total number of rows in the add and delete tables
  • Users connected to the geodatabase and locked schemas
  • A graphic of the state tree lineage
  • Detailed information of a features class spatial index
  • Parent-child relationships between versions for version management
  • Table and Index Statistics for geodatabase stored in an Oracle database

You can high five other GDBT users on theGeodatabase support forum and post comments and questions for the community.

Now gooooo get it!

Note: The GDBT is an “unsupported” extension so ESRI Technical Support is not available for the toolset.

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  1. smpoore says:

    Below, is the error message when attempting to download media for GDBT 10.0 from your portal.

    Proxy Error
    The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
    The proxy server could not handle the request GET/gallery/file/geodatabase/details.

    Reason: Error reading from remote erver
    ArcWS/4.0.20 Server at Port 80

    Sharon Poore
    ExxonMobil Global Services Company
    SWS / Site Application Coordinator
    Primary Office Location: 4550 Dacoma, BH4- 1115I Houston, Texas 77092
    713-680-6901 (Monday – Wednesday – Friday)
    Secondary Office Location: 13401 North Freeway, GSC-RR-756 Houston, Texas 77060
    281-654-0621 (Tuesday – Thursday) – Do not have voice mailbox set up.

  2. abdullah.saleh says:

    When it will be available for 10.1.


  3. jessicakirby says:

    What is the plan for releasing a 10.1 or 10.2 version??? ASAP!! PLEASE!!

  4. tlutgen says:

    This works @ 10.1, but it seems it needs to be installed with 10.0 ArcGIS Desktop, then upgrade Desktop to 10.1. I had it running with 10.1 when I upgraded Desktop. Annoyingly, I recently upgraded to Windows 7, loading 10.1 Desktop, and the installer for GDBT will not load (throws an error that it can’t find 10.0). So, I may go through the hassle of uninstall, reinstall to get it – I love this tool. Best part is the graphic versioning tree! Or…..this tool could be updated for 10.1&2 !!

    • tlutgen says:

      Well, it worked. There’s an hour that could been avoided with a little update from Mr. Murphy.

      • berdusco says:

        Consider an hour a bonus. I’d have to log a ticket with our suppoert desk to uninstall 10.1. Then I would have to log another ticket to install 10.0. Probably another ticket to install GDBT. Then another ticket to uninstall 10.0. And hopefully, finally a ticket to install 10.1.

        Pretty sure I’d be close to my retirement date by the time I got through it all.

  5. mgbaker4590 says:

    Is there a plan to release a 10.2 version??? Life is to short to uninstalling and installing versions.

  6. aquee says:

    Please note that the download link above is dead.

    For earlier versions, see

    There is no support forum that I could find at Geonet.

    On 10.1+ if you attempt to install this you will get “ArcGIS 10 Desktop Install not found in registry”

    There are two unpalatable choices here per this thread

    1. Uninstall 10.x, install 10.0, install GDBT, uninstall 10.0, install 10.x
    2. Hack the registry so that the GDBT installer thinks you have 10.0 installed.
    (Remember to change this back to ….10.x!)

    • rastrauch says:

      Thanks aquee!

      • aquee says:

        Glad it helped.

        I confirm that this does still work (and we’re using it) with Desktop 10.3.1. I have not tested it with 10.4 yet.

        • rastrauch says:

          Works with 10.5…with Asrujit’s hack…
          Just to let everyone know, I have it working (with the hack) with 10.5 final. I only use the Tree/Version-Lineage, User Info and Version Info (which work). I have not tried the Edit Info or Spatial Index Info, and not willing to try since our SQL (SDE) is still 2008. I hadn’t used those two tools in the past either so I didn’t lose any functionality for what I wanted.

  7. jtalero71 says:

    Is there a plan to release a 10.2 version of GDBT??

  8. ccgiscoop says:

    Hi! (Aquee?) I need to reinstall my GDBT for 10.3.1 and I’m wondering if I will need to go through the process of uninstalling ArcMap, installing GDBT, and reinstalling ArcMap. I’m a little concerned about the note regarding registry changes. Is that still necessary? And could you give more specific instructions? Like is the hack prior to installing GDBT? And do you need to return the version to 10.3.1 after? I really miss my GDBT but I can work without it and that would be my preference to making changes to the registry key.

    • aquee says:

      Hi ccgiscoop,

      I only just saw your post. As I said we’ve done some testing and you need to chose whether you will install 10.0, then install GDBT, uninstall 10.0 (GDBT must be left installed) and then reinstalling 10.x


      Do the registry hack above so you can then get GDBT to install into 10.x thinking that 10.0 is installed.

      This workaround was created by Asrujit SenGupta and you can find more information in his post.

      This is pretty harmless and only affects one key for one minute while you install GDBT, then you change it back to it’s original value. That said, registry hacking can be confusing, does carry a risk and may not be recommended (or even allowed) by your IT policies.