Quick Primer on Dev Meet Ups

What’s a Dev Meet Up?

This year our team spearheaded the launch of a new type of social gathering for software developers called the Esri Dev Meet Ups. These meet ups allow you to gather with your local friends and colleagues to discuss geospatial technologies, complementary third-party tools, and development platforms (e.g., Silverlight, Java, Flex, JavaScript) related to Esri products and technologies.

Each event starts with a keynote speaker to kick things off.  So far we’ve had some excellent talks from Scott Hanselman on VS 2010 and MVC, Steve Coast on OpenStreetMap, Dave Bouwman on ArcGIS Server and Amazon EC2, plus many more.

One of the most interesting parts of the events is the lightning talks.  These are short, 10-minute talks that give you a chance to showcase what you are working on, share ideas, or discuss things to come in the future.  So far they have included everything from Web development to mobile location development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 to automating tasks with Python.  Some of them include ArcGIS software, and some have been more general development topics.    

At these meet ups you can:

  • Be a keynote speaker 
  • Present an interesting application, concept, or idea in a 10-minute lightning talk
  • Connect with other developers in your area
  • Learn about up-and-coming Esri developer events
  • Win free passes to the Esri DevSummit
  • Win a free subscription to EDN software

How do I sign up for one? 

Just visit the Esri Meet Up calendar page and look at the up-and-coming events.  Once you find one you are interested in, click the “Register now” link. 

Is there an on-line community I can join?

You bet!  Feel free to join the Meetup.com community groups we have set up.  You can find these again on the Esri Meet Up calendar page.  Click the “Join the group” link.

What are the benefits to joining the community?

  • Meet other people in your community
  • Share ideas, documents, powerpoints, and photos
  • Get directly in contact with other group members
  • Post questions to the group
  • Get automatic reminders when a new group meeting is scheduled
  • It’s free! 

How often can we expect these to happen?

That really depends on how useful it becomes for you.  We expect most Dev Meet Ups to happen at least once or twice a year. They may also move around within a geographic region. For example, in Colorado, meet ups may occur in Denver, Boulder, and Ft. Collins over the period of one or two years. Some areas that had a Dev Meet Up this year may not have one next year based on attendance, team resources, and time.  The series of Dev Meet Ups in the Washington DC area may occur every month or two.  It depends on you and what you think works best.  If enough folks are interested and if you think it’s useful, then Esri is here to support it.

When and where do they usually take place? 

In most cases, the meet ups are held on a weekday from 5:00pm – 8:30pm to make it as convenient as possible to attend.  Since they are informal events, they generally take place at a local or popular restaurant, brew pub, or hotel.

I don’t see a meet up in my area. What can I do about scheduling one?

If you think we’ve missed your area, send us an email at ednteam@esri.com and we will do our best to schedule one in or around your area.

How do I sponsor or host one of these events in my area?

We would definitely like to work with you on this.  Please contact us at ednteam@esri.com, and send us some of the thoughts and ideas you have, so we can help you in creating your very own successful Dev Meet Up.

These Dev Meet Ups are for you and your peers to share information and learn from each other about Esri technology. And, it’s your participation and input that will make and keep them successful. We hope to see you there!

Be sure to send us your feedback, comments, and suggestions.

-EDN Team

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