Telecommunications Data Model and Tools for ArcGIS 10

Many users have been asking for an ArcGIS 10 based release of the Fiber Editing Tools…

We are please to announce the release of an updated Telecommunications Data Model and desktop tools for ArcGIS 10. This release ports the previous 9.3.1 data model and tools to the 10 platform, adds minor improvements to the fiber editing dialogs, and fixes several minor bugs.

Productivity Enhancements

With the ArcGIS 10 release the editing experience has been streamlined through the use of edit templates, giving users easy access to palettes of features, for quick and easy sketch based editing. The down-loadable package includes a map document pre-configured with a default palette and template tools for editing the network features.

Data Model Changes

The release includes one data model change involving the addition of a text based NAME field to all items of equipment, cable and conduit. This field was requested by several in the community to allow for free form labeling and identification of assets. A GP model has been included to help upgrade any existing databases for this additional field. Telecommunications Group

We have also created a new group on providing access to applications, tools, and content stored on the ArcGISOnline system. This is a public group intended to allow any users to upload and share valuable content and applications with the telecommunications community. Please feel free to use or contribute to the materials posted here.

Updated Data Model and Tools

The updated data model materials are located here.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, issues or suggestions.


Team Telecom

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  1. Bob Heien says:

    Awesome Tools for fiber mapping. I think something is amiss with the patch panel ports. If I have a 48 strand cable and I add a 48 port patch panel, I do not end up with 48 ports. I have to specify input and output so 48 in and 48 out gives 96 ports total. If I do 24 in and 24 out I have the correct total oof 48, but only 1-24 when i go to make the connections. Anybody offer any assistance with this particular facet of the template?

    • mark3773 says:

      Hi Bob,

      Lets talk on email ( but from what i am reading this is the intended way. 48 strands coming in will need 48 ports on one side with 48 on the outgoing side of the panel also. Drop me an email and we can talk more though about the specifics.


      Technical Marketing – Telecommunications