Coming Soon – a Sewer Profile Tool

We’ve had a lot of requests from the wastewater ArcGIS community for a simple tool to create sewer profiles in ArcMap.  So we thought we’d give you a sneak peak of the sewer profile tool we’re working on. 

   We’re not quite ready to let this out of the lab today, so we are planning to release it with the ArcGIS 10 updates for the Water Utility Editing Toolbar.  

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  1. scadaman29325 says:

    Looks very nice!

    When do you think this will be available for use?

    I hoping we won’t need 3d analyst.

    Thanks, Phil

  2. says:

    This has been released in the most current Infrastructure Editing Template.

  3. jpapcunik says:

    Hi Mike-

    I’ve been asked to do some profiling by one of our clients and was wondering how I could get access to this sewer profile tool. Could you contact me regarding this new tool?

    Joel Papcunik

  4. vsai_gis says:

    how can I avail this tool. I need it asap