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Announcing the Electric and Gas Resource Center


More exciting news for the Electric and Gas community!


Esri is happy to announce the launch of the Electric and Gas Resource Center! Here we provide you with free downloadable templates built around Esri’s ArcGIS software


One of the highlights of the Electric and Gas Resource Center is a set of templates built with core Esri technology.  We’ve posted two templates for the initial launch with more to come.  These templates are for maintaining operational awareness and fostering communication across your organization, and efficiently planning and analyzing risk along your network.


The goal of our templates is to give you real-world examples of how to deploy the ArcGIS product suite in your industry. In each template you’ll find a sample geodatabase, map documents, an application and the documentation to help you configure the template.  Also, check out the videos that we’ve posted to give you an introduction to each component.


We would like to thank the City of Fort Pierce, Florida and St Lucie County, Florida for allowing us to include a sample of their data in our templates.  Allowing us to develop these sample templates with real customer data makes the samples a more powerful example of the benefits electric and gas utilities can expect from deploying Esri technology.


Remember, the Electric and Gas Resource Center is for you, the Esri users – so we encourage your feedback on the templates we’ve provided and ask that you post comments for each template. We’ll be using your comments as a guide for changes to our templates and for new templates we’ll develop in the future. We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. You can either post comments to this blog or e-mail us at

-The Electric and Gas Team


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Welcome to the Electric and Gas Resource Center Blog

Esri is excited to announce the launch of the Electric and Gas Resource Center Blog! 

This blog is an important part of the resource center designed to bring you the latest information specific to the electric and gas industry. Our goal is to make it easier for you to use ArcGIS software in a variety of applications and at the same time bring you the latest news about industry events, user groups, training, and uses of GIS in the electric and gas community.

This is a virtual space for communication and knowledge sharing.  Feel free to interact and post your comments and questions.  We’ll use your input to help guide us in our own GIS efforts to better serve you.

We’ll be posting information continuously, so make sure to check back here regularly.  Or, feel free to sign up for the RSS feed by clicking on the link to the left.

We hope you’ll find this blog dynamic, engaging, and instructive.  We appreciate the important work you do in the industry.

For those new to Esri’s electric and gas sector and GIS or who want more information about the industry, please check out;



Stay tuned next week when we release the Electric and Gas Resource Center!

-The Electric and Gas Team

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Geodatabase Specialists @ the UC

Just under two weeks until the UC! Things are getting exciting around here.

If you’ve got some geodatabase related questions while you’re at the UC, swing by our geodatabase island in the showcase area and we’ll direct you to a specialist that can help.

Not all the specialists will be on the island all the time however, as we’ve all got presentations and meetings and other things going on as well. So if you’re having trouble tracking down the right person for a particular question be sure to swing by the island during the right Meet the Specialists time and talk to the guru for that specific area.

Meet the Specialists Schedule

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
10:00 AM   -   Noon                                  Replication; PostGreSQL
Noon         -   2:00 PM                              Oracle; Metadata
2:00 PM     -   4:00 PM                              Archiving; Documentation; Geodatabase Raster
4:00 PM     -   6:00 PM                              Geometric Network; Topologies; Image Server

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
10:00 AM   -   Noon                                   File GDB; Linear Referencing; Raster Display and Image Analysis Window
Noon         -   2:00 PM                               Map Projections; Relationship Classes
2:00 PM     -   4:00 PM                               SQL Server; Query Layers
4:00 PM     -   6:00 PM                               ArcGIS User Community Templates and Models; Geodatabase XML

Thursday, July 15, 2010
9:00 AM     -   11:00 AM                             DB2; Informix
11:00 AM   -   1:00 PM                               Versioning; Raster Processing

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New supported Raster Formats at ArcGIS 10.0

ArcGIS 10 supports several new raster formats for easier transitioning of data between ArcGIS and third-party software. The short list below is a subset of newly supported formats and includes some of the more commonly used formats.

New read-only formats include:

  • BAG (Bathymetry Attributed Grid): Elevation data which usually has two or three bands (elevation, uncertainty, nominal elevation).
  • FAST: A file sometimes associated with Landsat 7 and other sensor platforms. Products include the *name*_HPN.FST (panchromatic band), *name*_HRF.FST (6 band multi-band), and *name*_HTM.FST (2 thermal bands).
  • GFF (GSAT File format): Complex data
  • ISIS (2 &3): USGS Astrogeology data
  • JAXA: PALSAR products levels 1.1 and 1.5
  • RS2: Radarsat 2 complex data
  • TIL: Digital Globe / Earth Watch header file for individual and tiled imagery

New read and write formats include:

  • Big TIFF: Tiff images larger than 4 GB in size. Writeable through GP, data export, or code.
  • TIFF with JPG compression: Writeable through GP, data export, or code.

New writeable formats include:

  • FLT: Floating point raster format (write through code only)
  • DTED: Elevation data writable through the new “Raster to DTED” GP tool or through code.

We hope you enjoy these new capabilities. For a complete list of all supported raster formats including read and write information visit the supported formats help documentation.

Happy Formatting!  

Contributed by: Robert Berger

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ArcGIS Viewer for Flex (BETA) now available

ArcGIS Viewer for Flex (BETA)The ArcGIS API for Flex development team is excited to announce that the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex (BETA) application is now available for testing. The ArcGIS Viewer for Flex is built with the ArcGIS API for Flex 2.0, and is based on the popular Sample Flex Viewer that was used with the 1.x versions of the Flex API.

The ArcGIS Viewer for Flex can help you easily and quickly build Web mapping clients for ArcGIS Server and services. It is designed to be configurable (in other words, no programming required), but it is also a powerful template for developers to extend. Developers can add new functionality to the viewer by modifying existing widgets, or by writing new widgets.

All comments and feedback are welcome. You can post your thoughts on the ArcGIS API for Flex support forum.

We hope you enjoy testing the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex application!

Contributed by Derek Law of the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex team

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Compatibility Matrix for Clients and Servers of ArcSDE technology

If you have ArcSDE geodatabases working with different instances of ArcGIS software at different releases, we have just revisited and updated the ArcSDE technology client/server compatibility matrices:

ArcGIS 10: Product Compatibility Matrix for Clients and Servers of ArcSDE technology

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ArcGIS Online services in the ArcGIS Online tiling scheme (WGS84) have been deprecated

6/30/10–Last December, a new set of ArcGIS Online services were published in the Google Maps/Bing Maps tiling scheme in Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere (WKID 102100). These services are meant to replace an older set of services in the ArcGIS Online tiling scheme in GCS WGS84. 

Many of you have already migrated to the newer services in Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere. These services are updated twice a year, and the latest update was this month. Those of you who haven’t migrated yet, we encourage you to make plans to do so. The older set of services in the original ArcGIS Online tiling scheme, while still available, have not had any content updates since June of last year. 

We announced last December that the older services would remain available for at least six months. We’ve heard back from some of you that more time was needed to complete your migration, and we have extended the retirement another six months until December 2010. If you are still using these services, you should be actively making plans to migrate your applications to use the services in Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere. The following table lists the services that are deprecated along with the associated service in Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere.

What services do I switch to?

If you are using one of these services in the ArcGIS Online tiling scheme that are deprecated

Switch to this service in the Google/Bing Maps tiling scheme


































Note for ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 users: The Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere coordinate system is not supported in 9.2. ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 or more recent is required to use services in the Google/Bing Maps tiling scheme.

If you have questions, please post them to our forum at

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Dev Meet Up NYC – How did it go?

Last Thursday (June 24th), ESRI sponsored the first of the “Dev Meet Up” series. 

  • This is the first bullet
  • This is the second bullet
  • and a third
  • ok that’s enough

And back to regular text

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2010 Users Conference and ArcGIS 10

The 2010 ESRI International Users Conference is just 13 days away and this year will be an exciting year for Mobile GIS. We have just released ArcGIS 10 and it is available for download now!

ArcGIS Mobile 10 has a lot of exciting new features that are in production by many agencies already! Visit the ArcGIS Mobile Resource Center to find all the latest product information, read the help system, download code samples and watch videos from the gallery.

ArcGIS for iOS is about to launch. A “universal application” called ArcGIS will be available very soon from Apple’s App Store and you will be able to download it to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device for free. Using the ArcGIS application you can explore maps hosted at ArcGIS Online or using your corporate ArcGIS Server. The ArcGIS API for iOS is in beta and will be available in a general release later this summer.

So what about the Users Conference? Well the development team will be showcasing all of this and more. There will be a number of technical workshops, a Mobile Special Interest Group on Wednesday at noon, and don’t forget to come to the Mobile Island! This year we will be doing something special at the island – you can Try ArcGIS Mobile yourself. ArcGIS Mobile is best experienced outside, so come to the island, check out a mobile device, and go collect information in the marina yourself! You will be able to sign up at the island when it opens Tuesday morning. We have staff willing to show you how you can explore the new functionality that ArcGIS Mobile 10 has to offer.

Technical workshops:

ESRI Mobile Solutions Overview (First Offering, Second Offering)
ArcGIS Mobile – An Introduction (First Offering, Second Offering)
ArcGIS Mobile – Developing Applications using the ArcGIS Mobile API (First
ArcGIS for iPhone – An Introduction (First Offering, Second Offering)
ArcGIS for iPhone – Developing Applications using the iPhone API (First Offering)

There are also a number of moderated paper sessions on Mobile GIS that we encourage you to attend.

 Also a number of other islands will be presenting Mobile GIS – most notably the Industry Showcase Island where ArcGIS Mobile’s use in the Gulf Oil Spill will be highlighted.

We look forward to seeing you there!

 Mobile Team


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ArcGIS 10 is now available!

ArcGIS 10 is now available! I’m really excited about this release and all the new and improved features.

For the first time, ArcGIS will be available as a download which will reduce the packaging waste and the delay due to production and shipping. In the United States, maintenance contacts will receive information by e-mail on how they can download ArcGIS 10 for their organization. They may also contact Esri Customer Service at 888-377-4575; outside the United States, customers should contact their local Esri office.

Those who need to receive the software on DVD can still request it but that will take a few more weeks.

For more information on ArcGIS 10 see

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