The ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF version 2.0 beta is available!

Version 2.0 beta of the ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF is now available for download on the new ArcGIS Resource Center.   This is the first public beta release for version 2.0 that supports new features and functionality included with the ArcGIS Server 10 platform.  It is important to note that you can install 2.0 side-by-side with 1.x versions of the ArcGIS API for Silverlight/WPF.   Keep in mind that to download the API setup, you will need to login to the ArcGIS Resource Center.    

Here are a few highlights of what’s new:

  • Silverlight 4 is now required to develop Silverlight applications.  Silverlight 3 is no longer supported. 
  • Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend 4 are required when building Silverlight 4 applications.
  • You can edit feature layers associated with an ArcGIS 10 Server feature service.
  • The Map and layers support display of time enabled data. 
  • The enhanced geometry and route service operations are available.
  • The API now supports spatial reference defined as well-known text (WKT). 

Known issues:

  • Both Silverlight templates may return an exception or blank page in the design view of Expression Blend 4 and Visual Studio 2010.  To resolve, add a reference to the System.Windows.Controls.Data.Input.dll (in <Program Files>Microsoft SDKsSilverlightv4.0LibrariesClient) and refresh the design view.   

To get started see our new Concepts, Interactive SDK, and Library Reference documentation online. You can also view our tech session video from the 2010 Developer Summit on the new features in 2.0. 

Be sure to use the new Forum to ask questions and work with the community to resolve issues you may encounter.    


The ArcGIS Silverlight/WPF Development Team

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  1. ygorth says:

    Good job guys!!!

    I posted this new in my site!
    Silverlight 4 GO GO GO!


  2. willghomi says:

    Is .NET 4 required for the WPF version, or can we continue to use 3.5?

  3. rexhansen says:

    willghomi –

    No, our WPF assemblies in 2.0 beta are built on .NET 3.5.   We will include (and promote) a set of WPF assemblies in 2.0 final that will be built on .NET 4.0.  

  4. Kandace454 says:

    Are there plans to make code behind for the interactive samples available in VB?

  5. rexhansen says:

    Kandace454 -

    We just published them today, along with a new set of image service samples:

  6. jockers says:

    Is the source code available? I’d like to start extending stuff. :)

  7. rexhansen says:


    Not for 2.0 beta. We may be able to make this available for 2.0 RC due out in mid-June. Of course the latest it would be available is 2.0 final in early July.

  8. subrotobera says:

    Hello Everybody
    I am using TimeSlider in silverlight as normal time slider. When I change the value(time extent) of the timeslider using code behind and slides it back using the thumb, it gets back to the previous date automatically? It doesnt slides normally.

    Help me pleeeeeeease.