Sports and recreation symbols for ArcMap

Question: Is ESRI going to be creating a sports and recreation style of font set for ArcMap? Most municipalities have a need to make recreation amenities maps and those types of symbols are hard to come by. E.g. baseball, football, soccer, curling, skating, hockey, swimming, badminton, tennis, basketball, running (track), skiing, etc.

Answer: Of your list of symbols, there is only a scant representation of the sports symbols in the ArcMap product. The ones that are in there are associated with the “Forestry Style” as markers. (Swimming, hiking, wading, steep bicycle trail).

If what your experience says is that “most municipalities have a need for this”, please send a note to us listing the most useful symbols that you’d like to have us make.  Are they all markers or are there line-types that would be useful as well?

As a note, in all likelyhood tomorrow, there will be a style on the Mapping Center Resources page which will have more of the symbols you are looking for. This is a style made of symbols used by courtesy of the National Parks Service. It has bicyling, swimming, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, etc. Still, no curling at this time.

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  1. emilycowles says:

    I would love to see American football, soccer, volleyball, cricket, basketball, and a disc golf goal. Most other sports I am able to create from existing fonts. Thank you.

    • abuckley says:

      Great suggestions, but right now we are still not planning to develop this symbol set. Thanks for the ideas, though — we will refer to them if we do create the style.

  2. heisenbarth says:

    I would love to see disc golf course (tee, basket, practice, fairway, etc) character type symbology, thanks!

  3. akurowski says:

    Municipalities may like sll things about biking:
    bike rack, bike rack with repair tools, bike rack with shelter, bike lane, bike share-row symbol