2010 ESRI Developer Summit – Geodatabase Related Demo Theaters

Aside from the tech workshops that we mentioned in the last blog post, the geodatabase team also hosts demo theaters at the Dev Summit which are a shorter more hands-on, demo style of presentation.

Geometric Networks for Developers – Learn how to take advantage of the Geometric Network through code with examples on how to create, update and edit network features with examples of how to perform Trace Tasks; including the placement and use of Flags and Barriers.

Introduction to the Mosaic Dataset – The Mosaic Dataset is the data model for managing ortho images as well as basic level products from various sensor platforms. This session will briefly demonstrate techniques used in processing sensor data and focus on the key developer concepts of raster types and raster functions in managing sensor data in ArcGIS.

Introduction to Query Layers – Learn about the new ArcGIS 10 functionality that allows geographic information in databases to be quickly and easily integrated into GIS projects. Query Layers will allow developers to incorporate spatial and non-spatial data directly from a database removing the need to import this information into a geodatabase before it can be used by ArcGIS. This session will introduce developers to the query layers API and discuss some of the uses for this new data source.

A list and schedule of all the demo theaters can be found here.  If you aren’t going to be in Palm Springs for the Developer Summit this year you will still be able to access this content. After the Developer Summit we will follow up with a post that links to all the tech workshops and demo theaters.

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