New ESRI white paper discusses ArcGIS Server and virtualization

Virtualization, which allows multiple operating systems and applications to share the resources of a physical machine, is probably a word that you have heard. Many IT departments are adopting virtualization as part of a broader strategy to conserve resources and reduce costs. In fact, maybe you’re already running ArcGIS Server on a virtualized environment.

We’ve recently released a brief white paper with a high level overview of what virtualization is, and why you may want to use it with ArcGIS Server. The paper addresses:

  • Benefits of virtualization
  • Available virtualization technologies
  • How ArcGIS Server supports virtualized environments
  • How ArcGIS Server performance is affected when running on a virtual machine
  • Major design factors for considering virtualization
  • Advantages of deploying ArcGIS Server in a virtualized environment

ArcGIS Server and Virtualization white paper (PDF)

Contributed by Ismael Chivite, ArcGIS Server Product Manager

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  1. sterlingdq says:

    ESRI has also published this paper through VMware that contains some more deployment considerations and performance test results: