Updated Source Code for the Water Operations Dashboard

We have updated the Water Operations Dashboard.  This version is based on the ArcGIS API for Flex 1.2 libraries and the Sample Flex Viewer that was released on May 29th.  

The Water Operations Dashboard is based on the Sample Flex Viewer with a few enhancments. 

  • Identification Widget:  This widget allows the user to click on a asset to get a pop up of the information on that asset.  To use this widget in another sample flex app, you need to copy the index.swf and the IdentifyWidget widget.  This is because we made changes to the core components.
  • ChartWidget/ChartWidgetBar:  A widget to provide a bar chart or pie chart.  This can be used with the sample viewer or the water dashboard
  • LiveMapsWidgetWRefresh:  Added code so the live maps can be refreshed at a certain interval
  • Handle for null attributes:  Added error checking to a few widgets so null values are handled, this should fix some of the 1009 errors you may have encountered(SearchWidget, LiveMapWidget were updated)

You can find the source code on the flex code gallery.



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  1. fostj13 says:

    I would like to add a message graphic like the example in the demo to our sample flex viewer how could we do that. We have compiled from source, but we are new to flex.

  2. @fostj13: I have updated the source code to include this ability. please download the latest source from the code gallery on the flex resource center.