ArcGIS Online Map Services Migrating to Google Maps/Bing Maps Tiling Scheme

5/6/09—At the ESRI Developer Summit, ESRI announced that it would be
migrating its hosted ArcGIS Online map services to the Google Maps/Bing Maps (Microsoft
Virtual Earth) tiling scheme with the next major update in
2009. This change is in response to feedback from many ArcGIS users who
have requested that ESRI use a common map tiling
scheme matching other popular online map providers. The new services
will particularly enable ArcGIS web developers to more easily combine
popular web map services with ArcGIS Online map services including
those from Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Maps, and other providers
that use the same web map tiling scheme.

ESRI will introduce the updated services with the next major update
of ArcGIS
Online map services planned for Q3 of this year. A few new map services
will be released in advance of the full service migration, which will
allow a preview of ArcGIS Online map services in this new tiling
scheme. ESRI will continue to host the existing ArcGIS Online map
services (e.g., World Street Map, World Imagery, etc.) in their
existing ArcGIS Online tiling scheme through Q1 of 2010 in order to
give users ample time to migrate their maps and applications to the new

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