Tip for editing curved annotation

By Charlie Frye, Esri Chief Cartographer

Have you ever found that even with feature linked annotation and the follow feature option you cannot get your line’s label into what you clearly see to be the best position? That leaves the option to edit the baseline sketch of that curved annotation feature. I’ve seen too many people start editing the base line sketch, then painfully select and delete 12-15 control points, and finally move the 2 or 3 remaining control points into position and adjust the tension lines to finish the job. That can take a few minutes, and it’s not fun.

Good news, you can achieve the same result in 30 seconds.  Here’s how:

  1. Select the curved annotation element and started editing the baseline sketch. If you see more than 5 control points (like the image above), stop editing the base line sketch.
  2. Right-click on the annotation element and choose Curvature, and then then Straight.
    Curved Annotation - Figure 1
    Note if the annotation element is not single part–all options on the curvature menu will be disabled–convert the annotation to single part to fix this.
  3. Next change the curvature back to Curved:
    Curved Annotation - Figure 2

The result, as you can see, has only two control points; and that is typically enough to easily maneuver the text into final position.

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