New poll available on browser usage

For all Web GIS developers: A recent poll on the ArcObjects Development Blog asks about browsers that your clients require you to support. Specifically we’re interested in knowing what percentage of your clients are still requiring Internet Explorer 6 support this year.

Please take the poll and if you have more detailed comments for us on browser support by ESRI components, please post them here. We’d like to learn about general trends you’re seeing in browser support requested by your clientele.

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  1. esri4281 says:

    As a web gis developer, I really love to see esri product support all popular browsers like IE, FF3, and Google Chorme. Right now we have some customers who still use IE6, but some others at the same time use IE7 and Firefox.
    As for me, after having tried some new feaures in 9.3 like JavaScript API, I found it rarely work on IE.

    Looking forward to see some improvement.