Esri Business Analyst Server 9.3 is about to ship!

by Bob Hazelton

After more than a few late nights the Business Analyst Server team delivered DVDs to our manufacturing group just before the end of the year.  We are anticipating that we will have the product in boxes to be shipped out to all of our friends during the week of January 26th.

Here are some highlights of the 9.3 release:

Stateless application objects - support more simultaneous users with lower CPU and RAM resource consumption.

Integration and Custom Development – the SOAP API has been updated and there is a new REST API.

API Example code – provides a complete set of calls to illustrate the usage of the particular method as well as showing the context to other methods.

Custom task/task list – create custom functionality to extend the Task list.

New Trade Area types - Two new ways of evaluating and exploring the area that your business operates in have been added, Grids and Standard Levels of Geography.

New Analyses - understanding your existing sites and customers is easier with the addition of two new analyses types, Customer Profiling & Prospecting and Find Similar.

New Reports - several reports have been added such as Customer Demographic profile, Benchmark report and the Executive Summary.

New data - 2008 Data Update

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