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Last week I was in Palm Desert at the annual EGUG conference. While sitting in on a presentation I noticed that for a lot of the questions being asked, users were being directed to developer samples found online. I realized that while these samples are readily available, it was clear that not everyone knew about them or where to get them.

 So I talked to Larry Young, who had moderated the session, and he put together the following list of developer samples that could prove helpful:

  • One to many labels – label features based on attributes in a one to many relationship (i.e., multiple stacked labels per feature)
  • Valence display – customer renderer to display the number of edges connected to a junction
  • Batch snapping – snaps all selected features based on the current snapping environment
  • Jumper extension – automatically creates a half circle in a line feature when it crosses another line feature in the same class
  • Rotate symbol – rotates a point feature symbol based on the orientation of the line the symbol is snapped to
  • Delete junctions with edge – deletes orphan junctions that are not connected to anything when an edge feature is deleted
  • Merge network features – merges selected edge features
  • Domain sort – sorts the current domain
  • Manage versions – gives tree/hierarchal view of versions
  • Next upstream device trace task – custom trace task to find next upstream junction from a specified class
  • Find domain references – find places where a domain is currently being used
  • Trace results window – allows results from multiple traces to be stored, displayed, and converted to a selection set
  • Loop Construct – sketch tool used to construct a loop around a broken pipe segment
  • Flow by digitized direction – sets the flow direction of a geometric network based on digitized direction of edge features
  • Flow direction tool – sets the flow direction of individual network elements
  • Geodatabase designer – arccatalog toolset for export/import gdb schema.  Includes capabilities to copy domains, etc.


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  1. RonBruder says:

    One of the shortcomings of the GDB Designer is that it does not support the full GDB model; for example, it doesn’t support annotation. Despite continuing to work out some kinks, I’ve been very excited about the Geodatabase Diagrammer from your guy Richie Carmichael:!DD16C3F34F4D913E!776.entry

    I’m curious, though, why ESRI technical staff do not seem to have grasped the Diagrammer. Or, is that just from my limited perspective?


    Ron Bruder