New online tutorial: Creating a Web editing application

Our team recently added a new tutorial to the Web-based help: Creating a Web Editing Application. It’s designed to help you set up a Web application for editing data, and uses the out-of-the-box Editing Task that comes with ArcGIS Server. Along the way, the tutorial discusses:

  • How to configure an instance of Workgroup ArcSDE for Web editing
  • How to design a map document that will be used in a Web editing application
  • How to publish your map to ArcGIS Server
  • How to create a Web application with the Editing Task
  • How to use the application

Did this tutorial help you? Leave us a comment about your experience.

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  1. sterlingdq says:

    Krishna- The out-of-the-box Editing Task is designed for simple feature editing and is not aware of things like network or topology rules. So you can use the Editing Task to edit the features in the source feature class for the network dataset, but not the network dataset itself.

  2. gama131181 says:

    t wanted to know like I can create split that makes the cut in my map, since split that brings the Editor task I cannot modify it anybody that helps me please

  3. CALLAHB says:

    Nice tutorial, works great right out of the box! One concern…there is no mention of licensing requirements needed for this functionality. Some ESRI literature I have seen indicates this is only permissible with AGS Advanced, yet it ‘appears’ to work with AGS Standard too.

  4. sterlingdq says:

    Thanks CALLAHB. You are right, the Editing Task is only licensed for use with the Advanced edition (see
    There is no mechanism built into the software to prevent you from using it with the Standard edition, but it is forbidden by the license agreement.

  5. sterlingdq says:

    Tim- The tutorial linked to in this post is for use with ArcGIS Server Advanced edition.