Business Analyst Online Task Available for Explorer

When you add the Business Analyst Online Reports Task inside ArcGIS Explorer, you gain access to a wealth of demographics and other information for any location or area in the United States.  This Task tells you what satellite imagery cannot:  how many people, houses and businesses are in your area of interest.  Several free reports are included in the Task to give you easy access to Census 2000 demographic information.  If you have an ArcWeb Services account, you can run additional reports, based on current year estimates and five-year projections for population and households.

Business Analyst Online combines GIS technology with extensive demographic, consumer, housing, and business data to deliver more than 70 presentation-quality reports and maps via your Web browser. ESRI hosts and updates the data annually to ensure wide access to the most current and accurate demographic data.

Business Analyst Online provides reports and maps to help you understand the people in your area as well as their lifestyle and buying behaviors.  Other reports focus on the local housing and businesses in the area.  Whether you are looking for suitable sites for your business expansion, or looking to attract new businesses to the area, Business Analyst Online content within ArcGIS Explorer helps create a compelling story.

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