10 "must read" ArcGIS Server Help topics

Once you know what ArcGIS Server is and you’ve skimmed the introductory topics in the Help, where’s the best place to go for information about how ArcGIS Server works?

Following are 10 useful help topics which I recommend for all ArcGIS Server users. These topics are updated regularly on http://webhelp.esri.com

Note: All links provided in this post go to the .NET help, but many of these topics apply to Java or there are equivalent topics in the Java help system.

  • Tuning and configuring services

    Discusses service pooling, recycling, isolation, timeouts, capacity, pool shrinking, etc. This topic is especially useful for former ArcIMS administrators who want to understand the workings of ArcGIS Server services.

  • Planning a map cache

    This new topic covers designing a tiling scheme, designing maps that will be cached, choosing cache input parameters, and anticipating cache creation resources.

  • Configuring a distributed installation of ArcGIS Server

    Contains steps, screenshots, diagrams, troubleshooting tips, etc. for configuring an ArcGIS Server system that uses multiple machines. However, many of these principles apply to all deployments of ArcGIS Server.

  • How the GIS server works

    Contains a more detailed architecture discussion than is found in the Introduction section. Explains what an instance of ArcGIS Server is (.NET), and how to configure ArcGIS Server in a Windows Workgroup environment.

  • Accounts used by the GIS server

    Explains the SOM Account, the SOC Account, and the ArcGIS Web Services account. You can complete the post install with confidence after reading this topic.

  • Configuring tasks

    Contains some new detailed information on the .NET Editing task, including the Service Pack 2 enhancements.

  • Securing a service

    Explains how to secure local and Internet services. Also talks about supported operations (which methods can be called on a service).

  • What is an Explorer home server?

    This is the gateway to a new book in the Web Help about ArcGIS Explorer home server administration.

  • Developing with ArcGIS Server: An overview

    This topic is an introduction to what possibilities are available for ArcGIS Server developers, and acts as a bridge to the Developer Help.

  • Common problems and solutions

    Contains answers to common questions and issues not covered elsewhere in the help.

If you have suggestions for these topics, or ideas for new ones, please leave us a comment!

-Sterling Quinn

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  1. mickjamlm says:

    Any documentation describing the different types of Graphics layers, their limitations and benefits, and when you would use one type versus another, would be very helpful.


  2. sterlingdq says:

    mickjamlm- For learning about graphics layers, please have a look at this topic: http://edndoc.esri.com/arcobjects/9.2/NET_Server_Doc/developer/ADF/graphics.htm If there’s any additions you feel would be helpful, we’d be happy to hear your suggestions.