Welcome to the Mapping Center blog

By Aileen Buckley, Mapping Center Lead

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Welcome to the Mapping Center Blog, created to bring map makers and ArcGIS software experts together for the purpose of sharing techniques for making maps. The Mapping Center Blog is part of a larger endeavor called Mapping Center which is a repository of mapping and cartographic know-how.

In this blog we will describe and discuss:

• mapping techniques,
• ArcGIS functionality as applied to mapping tasks,
• Current and relevant topics in mapping.

This blog and the Mapping center website is all about efficiencies of practice. We want to hear your requirements and expectations, and we want to share our ideas and expertise. This blog allows users and Esri personnel to post ideas and topics relating to mapping techniques and issues. If you would like to post a topic, send us your suggestion in an e-mail to mappingcenter_feedback@esri.com. Anyone can post comments on the entries, so write tell us what you really think.

The Mapping Center Team

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