Help content for ArcGIS 10.4 is live!


While your laptops, desktops, and servers are not running ArcGIS 10.4 yet, you can get a not-so-sneak peek at the documentation for ArcGIS 10.4 right now. Last week we updated the ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server websites to incorporate … Continue reading

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Exciting Community Map Updates to World Imagery Basemap


The World Imagery map was recently updated with a few exciting new imagery contributions made available by Esri users and partners through the Community Maps program.  This includes recent, high-resolution imagery from our user community for: State of Texas: 2015 … Continue reading

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South Pole imagery now available!


In response to feedback from our user community, the ArcGIS Content Team is happy to announce the release of the Antarctic imagery map as a new basemap! This map is designed to supplement the Arctic Imagery map, which we previously blogged about publishing last … Continue reading

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More Licensing Options for ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro was created from the ground up in order give you the best performance possible from a desktop GIS application. A major aspect of this improved performance is the ability to easily connect to your local and shared data, your co-workers, your clients, and the world. This complete connection is fundamental for the new way of implementing GIS beyond the single desktop machine and even further than a client (desktop) and server connection pattern. Continue reading

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Road and Large-Scale Map Layers Added to the Living Atlas


Updates to the Topographic Maps Available! This release incorporates new and updated coverage to the World Topographic Map for several cities, counties and facility sites throughout the United States. In anticipation of Super Bowl 50 we have added Levi’s Stadium and supporting … Continue reading

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Transition of Live Feeds to ArcGIS Online and Retirement of Technical Marketing Services on December 31, 2016

Living Atlas

Many of you have leveraged the set of live feeds provided by Esri from the Technical Marketing (i.e. set of services over the years.  Over the past year, many of these live feeds have been integrated into ArcGIS Online … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.7 for .NET is now available!

The 10.2.7 release of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET is now available to download from the ArcGIS for Developers web site and to reference via NuGet. This release includes enhancements to 3D mapping that provide a better scene interaction experience for the user, more efficient tile and surface rendering, and improved label display. New network analysis tasks have been added for determining service areas and closest facilities along a network, and several improvements have been made to KML layers.  A set of quality and performance enhancements across the SDK have also been included.  You can read the full list of enhancement details, issues addressed, and known limitations in the release notes.

This release includes support for developing with Visual Studio 2015 and deploying Windows Desktop (WPF) apps on Windows 10.   It does not support use in a Windows 8.1 Store app deployed on Windows 10 or in a Windows 10 Universal (UWP) app.   Full support for UWP apps on Windows 10 will be provided in the next major release (Quartz) of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET.


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Stream Gauges Map Goes Global!


Since incorporating the Live Stream Gauge Map into the Community Maps program, a number of state and county governments have contributed their gauge networks to the map, and now, we’ve added the first set of international contributors. Real-time stream gauge … Continue reading

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Stop Missile Attacks on your Base


In war zones, rockets are just one tool insurgents use to combat friendly forces (roadside bombs, snipers, and ambushes are also common). GIS aids in the predictive analysis needed to defeat these threats. Actionable Intelligence is a new Learn ArcGIS lesson … Continue reading

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3D visualization: Using attributes to represent real-world sizes of features


This is the final post in a three-part series exploring 3D data-driven visualizations in web applications using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript version 4.0. 1. Working with icons, lines, and fill symbols 2. Working with objects, paths, and extrusion 3. … Continue reading

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