Quickly share your map using an app


If you want to share your map with others, using configurable apps is easy, and preferable to sharing using the map viewer. But if you need to share a map quickly, you don’t have to take the extra steps to … Continue reading

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Workforce for ArcGIS (Android) 1.0 Final Released!


The Workforce team is excited to announce that the Android version of the Workforce mobile app is now available within Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Workforce on your Android device integrates seamlessly with Navigator for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS … Continue reading

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Animating EMUs with ArcGIS Pro!

I recently took to ArcGIS Pro to visualize and analyze the EMU clusters. Having spent most of my Desktop analysis experience in ArcMap, I was both surprised and quite pleased with what I discovered. Here are a few handy tricks I learned which can greatly aid in understanding this vast dataset a little better!

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What’s Coming in Community Analyst

CA Logo new

The upcoming update of Community Analyst is planned for the end of February and will include several improvements and enhancements. Here is what we have planned: More Powerful Suitability Analysis  Incorporate competitive and complementary locations to make better suitability decisions. … Continue reading

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Twelve things you didn’t know you could do with Story Maps


Story Maps let you combine authoritative maps with text, images, and multimedia content, and make it easy to harness the power of maps and geography to tell your story. Story Maps can be used for a wide variety of purposes; … Continue reading

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Add your organization logo and links to your story maps


By default, all story maps include an Esri logo, with a link to the Esri website, located somewhere in the header or opening section. Also by default the text string “A story map” is included in the header, with a … Continue reading

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Esri’s Ortho Mapping Tools and Drone2Map App Help You Manage Drone Imagery

Solo flying on see_cropped

Have a drone? Not sure the best way to manage and process your data? Esri can help! Both Ortho Mapping in ArcGIS Pro 1.4 and Drone2Map for ArcGIS are powerful tools to unlock the full potential of your drone imagery … Continue reading

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Drive with confidence. Navigate with your own custom travel mode.

low bridge ahead

You’ve likely seen a picture or news report showing a truck stuck under a bridge or overpass, because it was too tall to go through. Luckily, accidents like these can be prevented if custom travel modes are used in Navigator … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro Extensibility with Add-Ins


With the recent release of ArcGIS Pro 1.4, we’ve posted a number of updates on some of the latest Pro SDK for .NET capabilities, including a What’s New overview, and spotlights on configurations and also light/dark theme UI styling for … Continue reading

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How To: Use ArcGIS Pro PerfTools to measure bookmark rendering times


Whether you’re planning an engaging presentation using ArcGIS Pro, or upgrading hardware in your GIS infrastructure, having an accurate measure of rendering performance is critical for planning purposes.  The freely-available PerfTools Add-in for ArcGIS Pro allows you to easily measure … Continue reading

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