ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool Sneak Peek


Want an easy and quick way to discover and deploy ArcGIS Solutions?  Great! Soon you’ll be able to find and deploy many ArcGIS Solutions directly from ArcGIS Pro with a few button clicks using the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool. If … Continue reading

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What’s Coming in the ArcGIS API 4.2 for JavaScript

Visualize vector tiles in 3D scenes.

We are in the home stretch preparing the next 4.x release of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Here are a few highlights about the release that developers can look forward to. Vector Tile Layers Revamped … in 2D AND 3D! … Continue reading

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Meet Our New Community Map Contributors. There are 17 of Them!


This is the time of year many are feeling a bit more generous, a little charitable. The ArcGIS Content Team is no exception. We have dug deep into our pocket and pulled out one big ole basemap release. A good … Continue reading

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World Imagery Basemap’s Recent Updates


More than a dozen community contributions were recently published to the Living Atlas World Imagery basemap. These enhancements include new community additions, updates to existing contributor content, and expansion of imagery down to larger scales (1:262). View this story map … Continue reading

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Workforce for ArcGIS making a difference!


Jordan Rogers, GIS technician at Utilities Kingston, saw the value that Workforce for ArcGIS could bring to their organization before the product was released in July 2016. “We created all 5,300 assignments in Workforce for ArcGIS and then categorized them … Continue reading

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Asia Pacific maps are now available for Navigator for ArcGIS!

Navigator icon

Navigator for ArcGIS now includes 20 new maps of Asia Pacific at the country and state levels: 13 new country maps for Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam 7 new … Continue reading

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Six Months of Drought in the American Southeast

Six months of drought in the American Southeast

Wildfires, which started in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the end of November, recently spread north into Gatlinburg, TN. Normally, prescribed burns, to reduce the forest understory’s accumulating fire fuel and maintain the natural cycle of fire in … Continue reading

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Final Reminder—Live Feeds from Technical Marketing will be Retired on December 31, 2016


Over the past year, we have been migrating the live feeds, provided by Esri Tech Marketing (, to ArcGIS Online.  All of these feeds are now part of the Living Atlas collection under the “Earth Observations” category.  As we have … Continue reading

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Get started with the Scene Viewer lesson


In November,  we added an exciting new lesson for the scene viewer that will take you to the coastline of Palm Beach County, Florida. You will travel under the ocean’s surface and interact with coastal protection features currently in place … Continue reading

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Getting localized voice guidance in Navigator for ArcGIS on Android

Navigator icon

Navigator for ArcGIS on the Android platform currently supports 19 languages. However, you might not automatically receive complete voice-guided directions in your native language on Android devices. Fortunately, you can configure your device to fix this. This blog describes how to … Continue reading

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