Cooling Centers for Customers


Summer season is a trying time for electric utilities.  Electric utilities have to deal with rolling blackouts and transformer loads as the grid gets stressed.  Utilities have programs to handle these load demands.  There’s marketing campaigns to get customers to … Continue reading

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Creating and Using Elevation Layers in ArcGIS Online & ArcGIS Pro


What is an Elevation Layer? Elevation layers can help with 3D visualizations by creating relief in your 3D scene. Elevation layers are composed of data coming from LIDAR, photogrammetry, spot, or contour sources. The raster elevation model you create from … Continue reading

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Legend item labels – singular or plural

By Aileen Buckley, PhD, Esri Research Cartographer

Legend Item Labels thumbnailI recently got a very good question from one of our users—”Is there a cartographic convention or guideline for legend item labels being singular or plural? Do plural labels imply something different if there are both singular and plural entries?”

Let’s start with the first question. As a rule, legend items labels should be singular nouns. Continue reading

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New Contributions and Sample Style for Vector Tile Basemaps (Beta)


As part of the continued effort to release Esri Vector Tile Basemaps as a production version of maps on ArcGIS Online, we recently updated the Beta set of vector tiles used in the display of our tile layers.  This data … Continue reading

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Make a stunning looking app with the 3DFx widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS


The 3DFx widget in Web AppBuilder is designed to help you easily create impressive animated 3D web apps. Earlier this June, we included some exciting improvements to the 3DFx widget. Now, we are adding a total of five visualization types … Continue reading

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Using images as custom point symbols


When changing point symbols, you’ll find many different ones to choose from organized in categories. In addition to these symbols, you can use any hosted image as a custom symbol. Using an existing image To use an image as a … Continue reading

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Patch 2 for ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.6 for Qt coming soon

Patch 2 updates the SDK API libpng dependency to address security vulnerabilities. This update allows Android apps that are published to the Google Play store to be updated and any new published apps to comply with Google Play’s Malicious Behavior policy. You can read more about this vulnerability in CVE-2015-8540.

Patch 2 will also include all the changes provided in Patch 1 that was released in June 2016.

Look for the release of Patch 2 for ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.6 for Qt within the next few weeks.

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Esri Visualizes NOAA’s National Water Model

National Water Model

For the first time ever, you can visualize NOAA’s stream-flow forecasts throughout the continental U.S. in ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Desktop or freely via the REST endpoint. By accessing the National Water Model map services, hosted on Esri’s server, … Continue reading

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Using URL parameters in pop-ups


URL parameters are a handy way to pass information from one web page to another. The ArcGIS Online map viewer takes the ID of the web map to open as a URL parameter, and ArcGIS Online web maps can make … Continue reading

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“Real Time” Story Map Tours


Story Map Tour is one a popular Story Map, ideal for presenting a set of photos or other media along with captions, linked to an interactive map. It has been used to author interesting tours such as San Diego Transportation, Palm Springs … Continue reading

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