Sun Glint Radial Hack


While engaging in the miracle of human flight I like to look down at the wrinkled surface of our earth. And if the sun angle is just right, given the direction I’m facing, a radial sun glint chases me, shimmering … Continue reading

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There’s a chart for that (Intro to charts, part 1)


Charts are a very important part of analyzing data, but it can sometimes be hard to figure out how to use them.  I’m going to use this blog series to walk you through some of the basics of the charts … Continue reading

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Analysis using Living Atlas – Earthquake map Part II


A recent post covered how to make an earthquake map quickly using ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World content. In Part II here, we’ll take our map a couple of steps further and use Living Atlas content plus geoenrichment and analysis tools to … Continue reading

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Engage with Innovative Emerging Businesses at 2018 Esri Partner Conference (EPC) Startup Zone

jd partners

Esri is preparing for our annual Esri Partner Conference (EPC) and Developer Summit (DevSummit) in Palm Springs, California. These are two events held at the same location, March 3-5 and 6-9, 2018. The Esri Partner Conference is a yearly meeting … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool and Utility Network Package Tools Updates


If you’re using or want to use the Utility Network Configurations, it’s important that you update the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool and the Utility Network Package Tools.  Last week we updated both to address some recently discovered bugs.  See below … Continue reading

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Density-based Clustering: Exploring Fatal Car Accident Data to Find Systemic Problems


You may not be surprised to learn that transportation in the United States is dominated by automobiles. Of all the miles traveled by American passengers in 2016, 86% occurred in cars (BTS 2017). But did you know that fatal automobile … Continue reading

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An earthquake map in 60 seconds using Living Atlas


There I was… Sitting at the kitchen counter, with my laptop open and catching up on a few loose threads left over from a busy day. Then suddenly, bam! And then another, but more forceful, BAM! As if a large hand had slapped the side … Continue reading

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Use a Story Map Series instead of PowerPoint


PowerPoint is the standard when it comes to presentations. But if you have to switch back and forth between PowerPoint and live demos, media, or websites, it can be inconvenient and clumsy, not to mention visually jarring and disruptive for your … Continue reading

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Demographics: Understanding Populations


By Christian Harder and Clint Brown. Demographic data about populations includes the basics, such as age and ethnicity, but also more sophisticated attributes such as people’s wealth and health, their spending habits, and their politics. ArcGIS includes many hundreds of … Continue reading

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Back 2 School: Vector Tiles in Azimuthal? Check it…


This post comes courtesy of cartographer Jonah Adkins, from Newport News, Virginia. Jonah is a GIS alchemist, routinely crafting beautiful and insightful work, and sharing his process. … Vector tiles in Azimuthal Equal Area?? NO WAY! Way I’ve been learning … Continue reading

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