Landsat Pivot Viewer[/embedyt]

The live application is available here.

The source code is available here.

The landsat program recently celebrated its 40th birthday. Since the launch of the first satellite in 1972 the program has amassed more than 3,000,000 images.

The USGS has published this archive as a single ArcGIS Image Service called LandsatLook. The prototype described in this posting uses this service in an HTML5 web mapping application.

While the map view is perfect to identify an area of interest, it is not so useful for sorting through hundreds or thousands of overlapping images. This prototypes uses a control developed by LobsterPot called the PivotViewer to present a sortable collection of imagery. Using the map and pivotviewer together, the presenter in the video above was able to quickly find and download a recent cloud-free image of London.

Contributed by Richie C.

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  1. kmayall says:

    The maps in the pivot viewer show landsat scenes over land and small islands. Bermuda is missing though. If you select the location in the ocean, there are oceanic landsat scenes that get selected. We just can’t see the location of Bermuda to select them more precisely. Who do I contact about the omission?