QR Map for Windows Store


This video demonstrations a proof-of-concept that uses a dynamic QR code to communicate map information from a presenter’s screen to mobile devices.  Whenever the presenter’s map changes, the map’s coordinate extent is compressed and encoded into a QR code using the ZXing.Net.

The same app used by presenter is also installed on the mobile device, in this instance, a Microsoft Surface.  Rather than a “presenter mode”, the app on the mobile device is placed in a “following” mode, this turns on the devices back facing camera and uses ZXing.net to scan for, and decode, coordinate extents.

We agree that by itself it may seem somewhat unremarkable.  We found it intriguing because the communication, while one way, was established without traditional connectivity such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  This technique illustrated here may be useful in classroom settings, seminars and briefings.


Video filmed by Mark D.

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  1. bruce_harold says:

    QR codes should be part of a data-driven map’s marginalia.