Twitter Map for Silverlight

In December of 2009, we announced the publication of a twitter map app. This was fun app to work on and use primarily because it employed a physics engine to re-position tweets around a geographic location.

Three years later, we have re-engineered and re-imagined the app.  The app has been updated to use the latest versions of the Silverlight runtime, Esri’s ArcGIS API for Silverlight, Silverlight Toolkit and the Linq2Twitter library.  But the biggest change is not immediately apparent.  The app is no longer dependent on a proxy to perform twitter queries, requests are now made client-side directly from the browser.  This is possible thanks to the good work by the contributors of the Linq2Twitter project by providing a Silverlight port of the library.

The live application is accessible here.

The source code is available here.

In this app we are continuing our experimentation with the drag’n'drop map interaction paradigm. We first used this technique in the CCM app and more recently with the Eclipse Finder app. Whether or not this approach is intuitive is still up for discussion. Your feedback is welcome!

The dynamic re-positioning of tweets is achieved via a spring-embedded algorithm derived from Orbifold‘s Graphic for Silverlight.

Contributed by Richie C.

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  1. lukepatrick says:

    this is my favorite blog of ESRI’s, yet it is so lonely.. over two months since the last posting.

    • Richie says:

      @lukepatrick. Sorry about the lack of postings but we were busy preparing for, and attending, the Esri International User Conference.

      Together with the R&D teams from Zurich and Beijing, the Redlands’ Prototype Lab hosted a booth at the conference. We presented much of our research at our booth. You can review slides from these presentations here.

      Thank you for your continued readership!