Puzzle Map for Silverlight

Puzzle Map for Silverlight

Firstly it was a pleasure to meet many of you at the 2012 Esri developer summit in Palm Springs. If you were unable to attend you will be able to view our group’s presentation via streaming video very shortly. In the meantime you can watch last year’s presentation here (search for “innovation”).

This posting introduces an app premeired at the developer summit called puzzle map. The app is a Silverlight-based web application that cut and splits a regular map into nine jigsaw pieces. A timer in the lower left hand corner displays the time it takes solve the puzzle.

The live application is availble here.

The source code is available here.

This app was inspired by the Microsoft Surface v1 sample called scatter puzzle.  However, as a substitute for the Surface SDK, we used the open source multi-touch library for Silverlight hosted on codeplex. This library in turn makes use of the manipulations and inertia sample available from Microsoft’s download center.

When the puzzle is formed and shatters, each piece is actually an individual map that has been clipped (see uielement.clip) to conform to the shape of a puzzle piece. To demonstrate that each piece is a real map, hold down the space key and dragging your mouse inside the puzzle piece. This action will invoke standard panning operation, and because all pieces are linked, all other pieces will pan accordingly.

Hope you find this app intriguing, challenging and fun!

Contributed by Richie C.

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