Timeliner for ArcMap

Timeliner UI 

The Lab has just released Timeliner, a new ArcMap add-in for exploring and visualizing temporal data.  The installer, source code, and documentation can be downloaded here.  A video of Timeliner can be viewed here.

Timeliner expands upon the capabilities of the Time Slider Window in ArcGIS 10.  Timeliner differs from the Time Slider Window because it

  •  navigates from time-stamped data element to data element without regard to a fixed time increment – great for sparse data or temporally fragmented data
  • lets you “exclude” data elements from visualization and replay (i.e. poor image quality, limited data extent, etc.) 
  • lets you name and save multiple timelines based on your settings for later use.

Timeliner works by scanning a selected temporal layer to build a list of the distinct date/time events recorded in the data.  Supported data formats are feature classes, mosaic datasets, and image services, which store time information in a Date/Time field type.

Navigation through the timeline is accomplished by dragging the slider stylus directly to an event, or by clicking a button on the playback control panel to move sequentially through events. Additional features include filtering of events by attribute and spatial/temporal extent, and analysis and display of temporal distribution and density.

Timeliner leverages the new temporal capabilities introduced ArcGIS 10 and will therefore not run in earlier versions of ArcGIS.  Timeliner’s GUI was built with WPF.  It therefore looks and works best in Windows systems that are not configured to use the ‘Windows Classic’ Theme.  With WPF, it was possible to build a streamlined interface that puts all of the controls and settings within one or two mouse clicks.  The add-in was developed with C# for .NET 3.5.   

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  1. dcjohnson says:

    Timeliner has been updated for ArcMap 10.1! Download it at http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=39458d01c4254bc8b34030cbcc2b2415