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Top Ten Takeaways from the EsriUC Plenary

Here it is – a top ten that I think John Calkins would approve.


Mosey on over to Esri’s monthly online magazine ArcWatch and see what the editor had to say about this year’s Plenary. If you don’t already receive this in your inbox, sign yourself up for this e-zine that is chock full of software info and interesting news.

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Tap into Free Training

Access 40 recorded technical sessions from the 2015 Esri UC for free! Learn all about the ArcGIS platform, including ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Web App Templates, the Living Atlas, 3D, Imagery and raster data, Global data and Lifestyle Data, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Server and more. What are you waiting for? Pull up the E380 site and get started.

More than 40 videos can be accessed at your convenience on E380.

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Keep Learning All Year Long

The EsriUC offers hundreds of hours of training. You can tap into the amazing knowledge bank that the  Technical Workshops provide by ordering the recordings. More information and ordering information can be found on this page on the EsriUC website.

Tap into hundreds of hours of learning when you order the EsriUC Technical Workshop recordings.

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A Day in the Startup Zone

The Startup Zone at this year’s Esri UC was like a slice of Silicon Valley right in San Diego. More than 30 companies from the Esri Startup Program were there showing off some of the most innovative uses of ArcGIS. Here’s a quick look at a few of these amazing companies.

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EsriUC 2015 Map Gallery Winners!

Take a peak at some creative cartography – the winners of the Map Gallery are now posted here.

map gallery winner 2.jpg

Esri ICA and IMIA Excellence in Cartography Winner: 3D Model of Kauai.

map gallery winner.jpg

Esri ICA and IMIA Excellence in Cartography Winner:Grand Canyon National Park.

And check back – Esri’s Mark Harrower will be sharing insights from the judges in the next couple of weeks.

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A World of New Possibilities with ArcGIS Pro and Cisco Systems

Announced just this week at the EsriUC was the completed testing of ArcGIS Pro in virtualized environments, thanks to Esri teaming with Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT.

ArcGIS Pro reinvents desktop GIS. This 64-bit desktop application is a central part of the ArcGIS platform, letting you render, design and edit in 2D and 3D. You can work with multiple displays and layouts, and publish finished web maps directly to ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. There is nothing stopping you from connecting to users throughout your organization or the world.

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Esri Business Summit was all about #Healthybiz

Executives from some of the world’s top businesses shared why a location platform is important to their business at the Esri Business Summit, which began July 18.

Located in the Hilton Bayfront, the Esri Business Summit ran for four days and included two days of high level talks from business leaders, the Esri UC Plenary, and paper and SIG sessions on Tuesday.

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Congrats to the Esri StepUp Challenge Winner!

Who had more than 35,000 steps both Monday and Tuesday? Al, that’s who.

The Esri StepUp Challenge winner for both Monday and Tuesday is Al. We took a picture of his shoes, because when you walk more than 35,000 steps in one day, your shoes are pretty important.

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UC Showcase Showdown

There’s just so much to see and do at the Esri UC Showcase—and all of it’s cool. Here we compiled a list of some of the most remarkable sights and people.

The Startup Zone

Ooh, the up-and-comers in the Startup Zone. We talked to the creators of MapJam about their app that lets you make and share personal maps (via social media and even text messages). Instead of sending a PDF to your next birthday party you can send a real-time map that you can update constantly.

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The Battle Against Ebola: Esri UC Plenary

Ebola. The word caused widespread fear in the summer of 2014.

Stories about the outbreak of this deadly virus in west Africa dominated the news, whipping up worry thousands of miles away from what was ground zero for the epidemic.

One headline in a British newspaper screamed: Ebola Terror as Passenger Dies at Gatwick.

But at the World Health Organization (WHO), where epidemiologist Dr. Bruce Aylward was  Assistant-Director – Polio and Emergencies, heads were cooler. Aylward was reassigned to lead the Ebola response for WHO and a response plan was underway.

World Health Organization (WHO) epidemiologist Dr. Bruce Aylward.

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