Screenshots for Better Troubleshooting

We often ask for or receive screenshots from users when they call for help. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When that picture is clear and readable, it is worth even more!

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Support Services at the Esri International User Conference: July 2014


Esri Support Services is going to be at the 2014 Esri International User Conference, where we will be offering appointments to answer any of your technical questions. Specialists in all areas of Esri software will be available to assist with your … Continue reading

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Is my display adapter causing issues with ArcMap?

It is difficult to troubleshoot serious problems with any type of software. When faced with repetitive and persistent crashing, it is important to ask yourself questions like, “Does the problem occur on multiple machines?”, “Does this occur for every user on a machine?”, and “Is the problem specific to certain data?” One of the more common reasons that ArcMap may repeatedly crash is when there are issues with the display adapter. An easy way to check if your display adapter is causing problems is to temporarily disable the adapter to see if that resolves the issue. Continue reading

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JavaScript Debugging Tips Part I – Google Chrome and the Network Tab


This blog post is the first in a series of debugging tips and tricks to help you on your way.  It’s a jungle out there. And like it or not, it’s a jungle inside your application as well. Working through … Continue reading

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The Heartbleed Bug – What does it mean for you?


As you may or may not be aware, a recent security vulnerability was unveiled for servers using the OpenSSL cryptographic library that affects many different products and software worldwide. This vulnerability has been codenamed ‘The Heartbleed Bug’, and potentially allows attackers to read … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Query Layers


Query layers were first introduced at the 10.0 release primarily to allow ArcMap to integrate data from databases that do not contain the system geodatabase repository tables. Think of query layers as a method for accessing database objects that are not … Continue reading

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Push Your Geotrigger Service Questions to Support


We are pleased to announce support for Esri’s new Geotrigger Service and have a great team ready to help developers push out useful information to people based on their locations. With more ease than ever, messages can be pushed out to mobile devices … Continue reading

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Seven easy ways to start learning Python and ArcPy

I have some great news: you don’t have to be a programmer to write code! Thanks to languages like Python, coding is now available to the masses, and the GIS world is one of its newest audiences. The ArcPy site package provides access to the geoprocessing tools found in ArcGIS for Desktop. Using it can be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with Python, but with some basic knowledge, you can start using it to make your ArcGIS work flows faster and easier.

This post is broken up into sections based on different learning styles. You can choose to read, watch, or code your way into the world of Python, and each section will empower you with the knowledge for getting started with ArcPy. Here are some recommended resources I’ve used for teaching myself Python and ArcPy.

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Oracle geodatabase issue for ArcGIS 10.2.1

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If you are a customer with an Oracle geodatabase and are planning to upgrade your enterprise geodatabase to ArcGIS 10.2.1, please read the following technical article before you upgrade, as some issues exist that directly impact the upgrading process. If you have any further … Continue reading

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