Support Services at the Esri User Conference: July 21-23, 2015

Esri Support Services is going to be at the 2015 Esri International User Conference in San Diego (July 20 – 24), where we will be offering appointments to answer any of your technical questions. Specialists in all areas of Esri software will be available to assist you. Users attending the conference can set up a time slot for a specific technology area that they would like to discuss, as well as register to attend any of the Technical Support presentations available. Appointments are not required, so feel free to stop by in between sessions or during lunch.

Visit the Support Appointments website to set up an appointment with a specialist, or register to attend one of our sessions.

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Configure Your GeoEvent 10.3 Connector to Use a Secure GeoRSS Feed

GeoRSS is a standard way of tagging an RSS feed so that applications can use embedded location information in each post. Using the GeoEvent Extension for ArcGIS Server, you can monitor a GeoRSS feed in real time and use it to update the applications and common operational pictures used by your colleagues. Should you encounter a secured GeoRSS feed that you would like to use, there is no standard connector that allows you to pass credentials. However, it is possible to configure a connector (without programming) that will allow you to access a GeoRSS service secured with basic HTTP authentication.

Secure feeds may be input from an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system, tracking company assets, or any secure GeoRSS service provided by a third party that you wish to consume and track with the analytic and processing capabilities of the GeoEvent Extension for ArcGIS Server 10.3. Continue reading

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The Secret Way to Create an Empty Feature Service to Use with ArcGIS Online

Edit empty feature service from in ArcGIS Online

Have you ever wanted to create an empty feature service to use in ArcGIS Online, and found yourself stuck with no easy way to get this done? If you’re asking why in the world anybody would want to do this, … Continue reading

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Missing Reports or Variables in Business Analyst Online / Community Analyst?

If you are using Business Analyst Online (BAO) or Community Analyst, the most recent update to 2015 U.S. data may result in users not seeing certain reports or data variables. If you are having issues, there is a solution.

Follow the steps below to clear your browser history and cache. This applies to the current versions of the BAO/Community Analyst products.

  1. Log out of Business Analyst Online/Community Analyst.
  2. Clear your browsing data/history (use Ctrl+Shift+Del to access the window.)
  3. Close and re-open the browser.
  4. Log back into Business Analyst Online. You should be able to see all the reports.

If the above workflow does not work, use another browser (such as Google Chrome, if you are currently using Internet Explorer).

Pavan Y. – Technical Lead, Location Analytics

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Esri Support Website Design Survey


Esri is currently in the process of redesigning, and we are looking for some design feedback from the user community. Please take a few moments to complete the Support Design Survey to help us improve your online support experience. Click here … Continue reading

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Exporting Textured CityEngine Models

CityEngine is a great way to create entire cities of textured, 3D building models without designing every building. These models can be used in 3D scenes, animations, and game platforms. However, when exporting models made in CityEngine to third-party software, there are a number of considerations. This blog post reviews settings options in the Export wizard to help you render CityEngine models in third-party software.

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Support Dot Esri Dot Com

Excited Esri Support

Esri Technical Support is unlike any other Technical Support on the planet. But if you’ve ever opened a Support case before, you already know that. We provide world class support to our customers to help make them as successful as possible … Continue reading

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Final Release and Support Plan for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF


ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF version 10.2.5 is significant in that it is the final release of this product. While technical support will be available through July 1, 2016, maintenance of this product has been discontinued. Customers who develop with this product … Continue reading

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Setting up a Proxy

A proxy page stands between a server and an application. By using a proxy, you allow an application to authenticate on your behalf, bypassing a challenge and accessing secured services inside of an application. While the token is hidden, an application can access secured services with token-based authentication; a proxy handles massive post requests over 2,048 characters. Additionally, you can use a proxy when a resource and an application are on separate domains, as well as when cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) support is unavailable. Continue reading

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Critical Space Time Pattern Mining Patch


The ArcGIS 10.3 release includes the new Space Time Pattern Mining toolbox for analyzing data distributions and patterns in the context of both space and time in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. Unfortunately, the initial release contains a substantial logic flaw … Continue reading

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