Esri Education Industry Team joins Open Educational Resources movement

Beginning in 2012, Esri president Jack Dangermond authorized the Education Industry Team (Ed Team) to license the educational resources we create under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license ( Every year, Ed Team members create dozens of educational videos, lessons, and learning activities, most of which are freely available through Though the works remain copyrighted to Esri, Creative Commons licensing allows users to copy, adapt, and/or distribute them freely. License terms oblige users to (a) acknowledge Esri’s original authorship; (b) refrain from using licensed resources for commercial purposes; and (c) share derivative works freely using the same license.

In addition to the resources it creates in-house, the Ed Team aims to encourage and promote resource sharing and Creative Commons licensing among its partners in formal and informal education communities. This goal follows recommendations of the GIS Education Community Advisory Board to “promote broad Community participation in resource development, sharing, and assessment” ( Visit for examples of open GIS courseware modules published by a public university. A future revision of the Esri Education Community web site will include a showcase for these and other volunteered GIS education resources the Ed Team has reviewed and endorsed.

The Ed Team’s open educational resources initiative complements the many free and for-fee educational resources published by Esri Training (, Esri Press (, and the ArcGIS Resource Center (for example,

- David DiBiase and Joseph Kerski, Esri

About Joseph Kerski

A geographer by training, Joseph Kerski serves on the Esri Education Team, focusing on fostering and promoting GIS, spatial analysis, and spatial thinking throughout education.
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