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Training Spotlight: Mobile GIS


The desire to access information no matter where we are is a fact of modern life—walk down just about any street and you’re bound to pass at least one person using a Blackberry, iPhone, or other mobile smart phone slash device. Decision makers want access to the most current data available, preferably gathered 5 minutes ago. And so the rising popularity of mobile GIS solutions is not surprising.

Many organizations, including utilities, public works, and public safety agencies, are using mobile GIS to collect field data, ensure the currentness of their GIS database, and maintain situational awareness. As with any technology investment, developing the staff who are responsible for implementing and maintaining the solution is critical. Below are the ESRI training options for mobile GIS.

For organizations using ArcGIS Mobile, the instructor-led training courses below are recommended.

Instructor-Led Training

Free Web Training Seminars

For organizations that are considering investing in mobile GIS, watching one or more of the one-hour training seminars below is a good way to get familiar with how other organizations are using mobile GIS and what ESRI mobile GIS solutions are available.

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