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ArcGIS Mobile Course: The Final Walk-Through


In previous posts, we’ve followed the development of a new instructor-led training course that supports ArcGIS Mobile users. The first post in this series mentioned the Blog Cabin TV show. On Blog Cabin, a team of home improvement experts comes together and builds a house from the ground up. At the end, some lucky viewer gets the keys to the new house.

In the case of Authoring and Serving ArcGIS Mobile Projects, a team of education experts came together to design and build the course from scratch. After months of hard work, the team is now at the point of wrapping up and handing off the course—to the Training  Services instructors who will teach it and to the Esri software users who come to class. If we were actually building a house, this would be the time for the final walk-through, or, as they say on reality TV shows, “the reveal.”

So let’s take a virtual walk through the course. Continue reading

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Training Solutions for Can’t-Travel Students

In a previous post, we reported about the travel patterns of U.S.-based customers who attended an Esri instructor-led training class in 2008. While many students travel to take training at an Esri learning center, we know there are many others who are not able to travel due to budget cuts or just plain limited budgets. Our customers have told us that if money were not an issue, they would prefer to take instructor-led training over other training options.

We’re all about helping our customers get the training they need to be successful with GIS and Esri software. To help customers who want to take instructor-led training but can’t travel, we offer the solutions below. Continue reading

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Recommended Learning Resources


Before attending the Authoring and Serving ArcGIS Mobile Projects course, you may find it helpful to review the resources listed below.

The free training seminars below cover basic ArcGIS Server and multiuser (ArcSDE) geodatabase concepts.

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