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Instructor-led or Web-based: What’s Your Style?


In conjunction with the 2008 Esri International User Conference last August, Esri Training Services released its annual GIS Training and Education Survey, to which more than 3,500 of you responded. We read every survey response and appreciate the time respondents took to share their thoughts about Esri training products and how we can improve them. Once again, Esri users showed they are a diverse and thoughtful bunch.

One of the big themes we took away from the survey responses was the clear preference many expressed for either instructor-led or web-based training. Those who favor instructor-led training cite the value of a knowledgeable instructor who not only understands the course material but can answer specific questions about software products and industry applications. This group also likes the time away from the office to completely focus on the training experience. Continue reading

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For Web Courses, Software Matters

Never underestimate the power of the conference room side conversation. Like passing notes during class, these “mini-meetings within a meeting” often result in useful information. During a lively debate between two coworkers at a recent meeting, I struck up a conversation with one of our awesome Virtual Campus support analysts. While I didn’t learn who was behind the weekend coffee machine sabotage, I did get the topic for this post.

A common problem experienced by web course students is enrolling in a course that requires software they don’t actually have. Unlike in an instructor-led course, where the latest Esri software is installed on all the computers used in the classroom, each web course has version-specific (and sometimes ArcGIS license-specific) software requirements. Many courses work with multiple ArcGIS versions, but some only work with one. Continue reading

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Welcome…Meet the Other Three Rs: Read, Respond, Return

Welcome to Esri Training Matters, your latest source for information and news about Esri training and education products directly from the people who create and deliver those products. This blog is for Esri software users and the global community of GIS learners. Our goal is to keep you up to date about the training and education offerings we already have, the new ones we’re planning, and the thinking behind the products we develop (yes, we do put thought into what we do!). We want to talk about best practices, software tips and tricks, and strategies for learning how to get the most out of Esri products.

We don’t want to be the only ones talking, however. We welcome your feedback and comments. We want to learn from you too. Continue reading

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