Esri Technical Certification Headlines

The last six months have been a busy time for the Certification team. With the ArcGIS 10.2 release last summer, all exams had to be reviewed and evaluated against the platform changes. Several certifications have new exams at version 10.2, and the process to develop those exams concurrently was intense. Here’s a roundup of the latest certification news.

10.2 Exam Releases

Three version 10.2 exams are now open for registration:

If you’re interested in taking one of these exams, as always be sure to carefully review the candidate qualifications and the skills measured by the exam to assess your readiness and preparation strategy. Continue reading

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Chasing the Edge to Teach GIS

This is part of our series introducing the diverse group of professionals that comprise the Esri Training Services team. 

On the eve of a work trip to Marrakesh, Morocco, which he planned to bookend with weekends devoted to sight-seeing, Esri instructor Ben Ramseth talked about work, how he spends time out of the office, his part in creating our new developer bootcamps, and how he uses the edge to help students learn—by which he means a concept, not the rock musician.

When he talks, Ben emanates positive energy. He flows from one topic to the next, making connections and working in interesting factoids as he goes. Continue reading

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Top Three ArcGIS Geoprocessing Timesavers

ArcGIS 10.x features user-friendly tricks for shortcutting some of the clicks involved with typical geoprocessing tasks. Of course, if you know how to write scripts using the ArcPy site package (or have the time and inclination to learn Python scripting), you’ll find the integration of Python into ArcMap a powerful way to automate geoprocessing workflows (and save yourself and your colleagues a lot of time).

But not everyone is a scripter nor aspires to be. For the non-scripters among you, below are my favorite—simple—timesavers that are built into the default interface at version 10.  Continue reading

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New Developer Bootcamps for ArcGIS Runtime SDKs

We have a new option for developers in the mobile space. ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android Bootcamp and ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS Bootcamp are not basic training, though—a bootcamp is an instructor-led class specially designed for experienced developers. Esri mobile app

Recently, Esri instructor Ben Ramseth and Jason Hine, developer technical lead for our Training Content team, discussed the bootcamp concept. Jason spearheaded development of this new format, and Ben is working closely with Jason on the content and will be teaching bootcamps. Continue reading

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Free Training Streamed Live To Your Desktop

Live training seminars are one of our most popular training options. Each year thousands of Esri users attend a live broadcast, and thousands more access the recordings. Their budget-friendly price (free!) can’t be beat, but attendees appreciate other aspects as well.

Esri live training seminar presentersTopping the list of favorables are:

  • Convenience: We do three live broadcasts on the same day to support attendees in different time zones. Continue reading
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10 ArcMap Productivity Tips You Can Use Now

ArcGIS for Desktop includes many productivity features to help you get your GIS work done faster. Here are some tips you can try out in ArcMap right away. The 10 shortcuts below can shave milliseconds off common tasks, and hey, milliseconds count when you’re trying to get stuff done. You just may be able to get to lunch five minutes earlier and beat the crowd. That alone is going to save you at least 10 minutes, more if you’re going to Old Ebbitt.

Continue reading

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Mapping a People-Focused Career

This is the first in a series of articles introducing the colorful group of professionals who work on the Esri Training Services team.

According to Esri Training Services team member Alan Coyle, the unique geography of Grants Pass, Oregon makes it the safest location in the U.S in the event of nuclear fallout. How does he know this?  Map showing Grants Pass, OR

Alan, a native Oregonian, studied mechanical engineering at Oregon State University. After graduating, he went to work for the state of Oregon inspecting nuclear fallout shelters. Alas, mobile data collection apps had not been invented yet. Armed only with pen and paper, Alan validated shelter locations and documented whether each shelter met the wall-width requirement—12 inches of concrete was deemed necessary to protect against fallout. Continue reading

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Esri Technical Certification: Exam Plans for 10.2 and Beyond

As the technical certification program continues to grow, we periodically make changes and improvements to ensure we offer the best possible program to the global ArcGIS community. In the time since ArcGIS 10.2 was released, we’ve gotten questions from the community about exam availability for that version. Many of you have asked for a certification exam release schedule so you can plan the time needed to prepare for and take a specific 10.2 exam. Esri technical certifications

Well, we love to make the community happy. You asked for a release schedule, and we’re sharing it here. But first, let’s cover the backstory—the strategy behind the schedule. Continue reading

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Three Fast Ways to Build #ArcGISOnline Skills

When it comes to ArcGIS Online, there’s been a lot of buzz. The reality is that using and doing GIS on the web is only going to become easier and more pervasive going forward because the benefits are enormous.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to get up to speed but just haven’t found the time. Well, no more excuses. There are lots of quick (not to mention free and low-cost) options to build up your personal knowledge base. In fact, in less than one day, you can make amazing progress. Here are three ways to make that happen. Continue reading

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Esri Technical Certification: New Resource for the ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam

Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study GuideOne of the most common questions GIS professionals ask us about Esri technical certification is, “What resources are available to help me prepare for the exam? ” With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a brand-new resource.

Hot off the [Esri] Press is the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study Guide. This new book is designed to help candidates prepare for either the ArcGIS 10.0 or 10.1 exam.

Authored by veteran Esri instructor and certified ArcGIS Desktop Professional Miriam Schmidts, the study guide covers concepts and skills measured by the exam and includes step-by-step exercises to practice and reinforce ArcGIS skills.

Miriam, whose work life was consumed for many months by this project, calls the study guide a “comprehensive review of the entire range of GIS skills measured in the exam” and gives this advice: “Study the chapters in sequence or pick and choose the ones you want to concentrate on. Hands-on exercises help you remember the tools and workflows needed for the test. This book will be your best friend!”

The study guide includes access to 180-day ArcGIS for Desktop trial software and an exercise data DVD.

More Sample Question Web Courses Coming

We published free sample question web courses for the ArcGIS Desktop Associate and Professional certifications about a year and a half ago, and they are hugely popular—so popular, in fact, that we’re developing more. Over the next month, we’ll be releasing sample question web courses to help candidates prepare for these version 10.1 exams:

  • Enterprise Geodatabase Management Associate
  • Enterprise Geodatabase Management Professional
  • Enterprise System Design Associate
  • Enterprise Administration Associate
  • ArcGIS Desktop Developer Associate
  • Web Application Developer Associate
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