See What Esri Interns Have Been Up To This Summer

Although it feels like the summer just began, many of Esri’s summer interns are packing up and getting ready to go back to school or move on to the next phase of their lives (me included!). Over the last few weeks, interns have been getting up in front of their peers and presenting their work. So far there have been nine presentations and more will be happening over the next couple of weeks.

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‘Round the Table with Esri Recruiters

Recently the interns sat in on two presentations and interactive sessions with some of Esri’s HR partners (recruiters). Although interns have a good understanding of Esri’s departmental structure, these recruiter roundtable events helped give us a better idea of the opportunities we may have to work for Esri full time. This is especially helpful since the summer is winding down quickly!

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The Esri `Ohana

By Guest Blogger Jennifer, Community Maps Program Intern

This September, I will be a senior at Santa Clara University, completing my B.S. in Environmental Studies and minor in Political Science. After taking some GIS courses and working as a GIS research and teaching assistant, I decided to apply for a summer internship at Esri. In making this decision, I hoped to learn more about the company that has been an influential player in developing products that have helped address and solve many environmental problems around the world.

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GIS Past, Present, and Future

I got the chance to sit down with Nate Ebel, who has only been back at Esri for a few weeks. Nate was an intern last year and now works full-time as a software engineer, but his start in GIS was . . . unexpected (and very cool!).

You were on the plenary stage at the Esri User Conference in 2002. Can you talk more about that?

Nate (next to Jack Dangermond) at the 2002 Esri UC

When I was in seventh grade, I was part of a small class that was devoted to problem solving and data analysis with a large component of GIS. At the time, I had never heard of GIS, but after using the software to create maps and analyze data, we entered maps into the Esri Community Atlas. Everyone in the class contributed a couple of maps, and our project ended up being a sort of “model project” that year. Esri flew me, another classmate, and my teacher to San Diego and we presented a few of our maps on the UC stage. One of the other projects that came out of this class ended up continuing through high school, and we presented it in various places and won more awards. That ended up being what led me in the direction of GIS.

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SIGGRAPH—“A Creative Recharge of Epic Proportions”

This is an actual quote from a recent SIGGRAPH attendee: “Think of everything that has ever made you geek out and feel so passionate about something in your whole life and put it into one feeling … That, my friend, is the feeling you get when being at SIGGRAPH.”

We couldn’t agree more! Once again, Esri will have a strong presence at SIGGRAPH, on the main exhibit floor as well as in the job fair. I sat down with HR team members Shawn and Jennifer to talk about what people who stop by our booth in the job fair can expect.

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Finding the Art in C(art)ography

By Guest Blogger Jennifer, Software Products Intern

We all come from different parts of the world, but at the same time we are connected as one, linked in our quest for knowledge of both place and identity. Even at a young age, we are taught spatial awareness in one way or another—we play hide-and-seek, build cities with blocks, hunt for treasure, and imagine magical kingdoms. As we grow, we become curious thinkers who strive to learn about space and place, whether it be the space of the universe, the Earth, society, or even of the mind and body.

Within this desire to learn, our strengths and passions sway us towards various fields, like magnets, pulling us to ask the right questions about life. To explore one’s calling is, unfortunately, a privilege to some and a dream to many, which is why we must not take these questions lightly. As geographers, we ask, “where?”; as philosophers, “why?”; as anthropologists, “who?”; as engineers, “how?”; as historians, “when?”; and as scientists, we ask, “what?”. Continue reading

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Internship Tips Straight From the Recruiter!

We’re well into summer, and most of us Esri interns are in the middle of our internships. Whether you are heading back to school in the fall or you are looking for a full time position, it is important that you give an internship everything you’ve got! In this interview with Lara McLaughlin, Esri’s Internship Program Coordinator and University Recruiter, you will hear what to do and what not to do as an intern from someone who works with students year round.

Describe your role at Esri.

This is my third year here, and since starting I have made a lot of changes to the internship program. I managed the internship program for my previous employer, so Esri hired me specifically to work on the program. Every year I am tasked with finding students and recent grads who may fit into Esri internships, and then I forward their resumes to hiring managers to see if they are a good match for their specific position.

What makes an internship during college so important?
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Behind the Scenes at the Esri UC

Each year, the Esri International User Conference (UC) brings together thousands of GIS professionals as well as social, economic, business, and environmental leaders from around the world to get the latest Esri product updates, learn from each other, and hear from incredible keynote speakers. This year’s theme was “GIS–Creating our Future.” Esri president Jack Dangermond urged conference attendees to think about the issues our world is facing and how we can combat them using GIS.

This year’s UC attracted more than 16,000 attendees and took up the entire San Diego Convention Center. Help was certainly needed to pull off this huge event! That’s where participants in the Esri UC Student Assistantship Program come in. The assistants help with everything from registration to conference logistics to working in the Esri Store. As a thank you for their hard work throughout the week, they receive registration to the conference and hotel accommodations as well as a per diem allowance for meals.
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The Esri Difference

By Guest Blogger Aradhya, Professional Services Intern

It’s been over a month now since I joined Esri as an intern and it’s been a fun experience so far. I am an international student at University of Redlands and will be graduating with my MBA in Global Business in August. Esri has already been a catalyst for many friendships and professional relationships. Since day one, my fellow interns and I have exchanged much more than just Facebook and LinkedIn requests. We have watched some FIFA world cup games together, visited a few exciting places in SoCal, and went to Redlands’ biggest 4th of July celebration at the U of R.

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You Never Stop Learning

On Wednesday, interns had the chance to sit in on a brown bag presentation from two employees in Esri’s Professional Services Division. Chad Helm, who works in the extended support programs group, gave us a brief overview of the vast department, telling us about the various projects done by 600 employees all over the world. The Professional Services team supports customers and partners in effectively implementing and applying Esri software products. This may include short-term, in-house technical work or more long-term solutions projects.

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