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Tech-Geek Turned #Geogeek

Esri’s Technical Support team is vital to the company’s success. They work with users daily on solving small problems and finding solutions. Scott Harris is a member of the team and says he’s finally found a job he loves.

Tell me about yourself. What is your background?

I took my first GIS class when I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Keystone College in Pennsylvania. I did a few projects while I was there, one of which was making some campus maps using ArcView 3.2 (which seems primitive today). I ended up getting my degree in Environmental Resource Management and then spent a bit of time out of the GIS field doing environmental testing. After that I became a GIS tech for the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where again I was using Esri software. Later I went back for my master’s degree in geoenvironmental studies and then I ended up at Esri.

What do you do at Esri?

I’m a Support Analyst on the Desktop Team. It makes really great sense for me because I’ve always been sort of a tech geek. I love computers and even build my own and did so during college as well. I also felt that having a background in GIS and technology/software would help me in a technical support role. When users call in, generally the first thing we have to do is assess their knowledge of the software and of GIS in general. Then we will walk them through the issue, maybe share screens, and see if there’s a bug of some sort or it’s a user issue.

Why Esri? How did you find out about the company and what sparked your interest?

I had an internship with the US Forest Service during my undergraduate years and we were using Esri software, so that was my first real, in-depth introduction to Esri. When I worked for the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy, I attended the Esri User Conference. So it wasn’t just a job I found; I had experience with the products and I knew a lot about what they were doing at the time, so I was interested in building a career here.

What do you like best about your job? What’s the coolest thing about working for Esri?

For me, I think the best part is the good feeling you get when you solve a user issue. There’s a little rush when you figure something out before you move onto the next task. That happens a couple times a day. Plus, all of my co-workers are all really knowledgeable and helpful and I’ve learned a lot from them. My mentor, in particular, has taught me quite a bit.

You moved here from Seattle to work for Esri. What does Redlands have that Seattle doesn’t?

When I got my interview with Esri and we took the trip into Redlands, we decided it was a great place for both of us, and we’re hoping to start a family here when that time comes. I also like that you easily have access to the mountains and the beach and if you need to go to the city, LA is a short distance away.

Do you have any advice for students looking for a job they will love?

It’s important to get as many experiences as you can, either through an internship or a campus job. You never know where you might make a connection and ultimately get a job, so try not to burn any bridges! You’ll always need your references too. Also, by any means, don’t give up! It took me a long time to settle down and find a job I love. You might be frustrated for the first couple of years, but you also might find something you love right away.

Thank you for the great advice, Scott!

Think a role in Esri Support Services might be the place for you? Check out current job opportunities at

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How Many Wheels Do You Need to Get to Work?

If you’re like many Esri employees, the answer is two! In celebration of National Bike to Work Day, two events were held on campus to raise awareness about the benefits of cycling to work. Continue reading

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Turning Trash into Training Dollars

Esri recently held an eWaste Recycle Day, with nearly 100 employees dropping off unwanted electronic items including computers, printers, monitors, TV sets, and cell phones. More than 5,600 pounds of equipment were donated to Goodwill, which processes it in an environmentally responsible way to help protect our planet from hazardous waste. The income Goodwill receives from the recycling program helps fund education, training, and job placement services for people with disabilities.

Truly a win-win. Happy Earth Day!

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Mapping Esri’s World

Take a virtual tour of the Esri campus via a story map to see our beautiful working environment:

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Employees Honored for Years of Service

Last Friday evening, 40 employees were recognized for reaching their 20 year anniversary with Esri. The honorees, including six from regional offices, and their guests were treated to a festive fall-themed dinner. Entertainment and awards rounded out the evening.

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Tour Redlands via Esri Story Map

Tour historic locations and places of interest in Redlands without leaving home! From fairytale-like Kimberly Crest to the Lincoln Memorial Shrine, the only museum dedicated to Abraham Lincoln west of the Mississippi River, get a glimpse of what makes Redlands so unique.

Your journey begins here.

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Intern Passionate about Geography and Mapping

By Maura, Strategic Marketing Intern

Esri intern KathrynIntern Kathryn Hagerman occupies a unique niche at Esri. Serving as a member of the Partner Program Team, she is working to streamline knowledge transfer campaigns. She also worked to develop a collection of ArcGIS Online maps to share stories about the growth of the global Esri Partner Network and highlight exciting work Esri partners are doing.

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Meet Vinesh, Global Mobility Coordinator

Vinesh talks about his role in Human Resources and offers insight into the process for employees who join Esri from other countries.

How long have you been with Esri?

I’ve been here about three years. I actually started as a temp in a recruiting assistant role, working with two of our recruiters and the university relations coordinator. After about four months, I transitioned into my current role as Global Mobility Coordinator.

Explain the term global mobility for people who may not be familiar with it.

Global mobility includes everything about making sure people can live and work successfully in a different country, including analysis and support of relocation and compensation. Generally speaking, I make sure Esri’s domestic and international employees are working with legal status and they have no issues working or staying in the US. That is the simple way I describe it to my friends because you’re right: global mobility is confusing. I usually say “global mobility coordinator” or “I’m the immigration guy.” It’s about making sure that people can focus on their work and not have to worry about items related to the government and their stay here.

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Interning at Esri a Chance to Contribute

By Erika, Professional Services Intern

Every college student wants that dream internship where they can learn and grow in a professional environment while simultaneously loving what they are doing. I never thought I would be one of those lucky people that can’t stop talking about their internship and annoying all their friends with every detail, until luck struck me and I was hired at Esri as a summer intern! As a recent graduate from UC Riverside and an Inland Empire native, I had always heard great things about Esri and I was so excited to spend my summer learning more about the company. (Editor’s note: Inland Empire refers to the metropolitan area surrounding Redlands.)

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Education for the Future: the Esri Fellows Program

By Maura, Strategic Marketing Intern

As a company constantly looking to the future, Esri invests deeply in the well-being and advancement of its employees. Each year Esri teams with the University of Redlands’ School of Business to offer several full tuition scholarships under the Esri Fellows Program. This year, Esri also partnered with Claremont Graduate University School of Information Systems and Technology to award a scholarship. The Esri Fellows Program was established in 1999 and provides selected Esri employees scholarships to attend evening/weekend courses to complete undergraduate or graduate level degrees.

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