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Are You Made for Tech Support?

At a recent brown bag lunch for interns, a young professional, Kara, from Technical Support came to speak about what Esri looks for in a potential employee.

Relaxing after work

After graduating with a degree in geography, Kara became an intern at the Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank. With encouragement from her aunt, a geography professor at the University of Redlands, she pursued a job at Esri in Technical Support.

Kara spoke to the interns about her department and shredded any misconceptions of working in Technical Support. She showed the interns how being part of her department can be a stepping stone to a long-term career with Esri.

When hiring for the department, many would be intrigued to know what the most important characteristics are that hiring staff look for. Here are the four characteristics they look for in order of must have to teachable.

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  • Interest: Without interest in the company, you cannot help an employee grow when they may not want to be there.
  • Communication: Unlike interest, communication can be developed. A good speaker and a patient listener are needed to help customers resolve their problems.
  • Problem Solving Skills: Easily teachable compared to the top two characteristics.
  • Technical Ability: This can be taught to anyone who wants to be part of the team, but without the interest in the company you have an employee who does not really want to be there.

The Technical Support department wants employees who want to be at their job and will enjoy the environment they work in. If this interests you, check out current openings here.

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You Can’t Sink These Interns … Boats

Have you ever wondered what you’d do if you were stranded on an island and only had a few materials to help you leave?

Last week the interns got together to do this on an imaginary island. Eight teams of six interns made boats and rafts to help them get off the “island,” but naturally there was a twist. A seasoned employee was assigned to each team and would tell members they could not do something within their team, such as speak or use their hands or eyes.

Regardless, the teams still all accomplished what they set out to make. Then it was time to put the boats to the test and take them to the turtle pond on campus. This concerned a few people since the boats were made out of paper, tape, and aluminum foil. Surprisingly, every boat successfully floated in the pond. Some were even visited by the koi fish from the pond. Overall, it was a great day of bonding and team building for the interns.

The teams show excitement that the raft actually floated.

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An Esri Intern’s Unique Experience at FEMA

Maddy Ernesto, an intern in Esri’s Washington, DC office, recently had the opportunity to visit the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) office and interact with its staff.

“FEMA in one word was awesome! Being an intern, I never imagined I would have the opportunity to accompany some of my co-workers to a site visit, so you can imagine I was a bit nervous yet extremely excited,” said Maddy. “I was able to work hand-in-hand with FEMA workers developing maps and templates that will be used for disaster management in the future. I had never created any template or map that would be used for real-life scenarios, so it was a real honor to help with this project. The knowledge of how to more effectively use ArcGIS Online, along with the experience of working directly with clients, will be skills I will use throughout my GIS career and hopefully with Esri.”

Happy to hear the interns are getting to do some very cool things with the company and are gaining professional skills along the way. Good luck to you, Maddy, and keep doing great work in the Washington, DC office.

Want to work on exciting projects like this as an Esri intern next summer? Check our website this fall for information on how to apply!

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Brown Bag Lunch with Professional Services

A great benefit to being an intern with Esri is the ability to connect with seasoned employees. Recently the interns had the opportunity to hear the stories of Chad Helm and Christie Pleiss in the Professional Services Division on how they found themselves at Esri. Both have been here for many years and started with a technical background that led them to become managers. 

We learned how Professional Services works in a wide range of industries and how much importance they have within Esri. While they do a lot of business in US and international government, they also work with customers in the commercial, utility, health, public safety, and natural resources sectors. 

The interns had many great questions at the brown bag, including one regarding who Esri’s biggest competition is. Chad had the perfect answer. “There are a number of organizations in the GIS space that are doing innovative work. Esri is proud of the work it is doing to enable our customers to make a difference.”

The interns have many brown bag speakers to look forward to this summer. Thank you to Chad and Christie for taking their time to teach the interns about the Professional Services Division.

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The New Kid on the Block

Some people say I am the master of multitasking, and they may just be right. While I am interning at Esri as a full-time summer intern I will also be a full-time student to make sure I will graduate on time and within four years. But wait . . . that’s not all. While it is difficult to keep up with both workloads, let me tell you why I need to take summer classes.

I like to be prepared for the future, and I certainly love to be organized to make sure everything runs smoothly. The funny thing is, in my personal life I plan nothing. I go with the flow and just enjoy life, but professionally I have everything written down with deadlines before the real deadlines. But back to why I’m taking summer classes. I am a double major and a triple minor. Long story short, I like to pursue my passion and have a nice backup in place. So when I graduate from Penn State in May 2016, and yes only four years, this will be my business card:

Kelsey Arbuckle
Nerd Extraordinaire

This summer one of the things I’ll be doing is creating content for Facebook and the Esri Careers blog. I hope to show the journey of new interns from this summer and highlight some of the amazing employees Esri has throughout the company. I want to change the way blogs impact the readers. I want to know about the people who comprise the company and I intend to highlight them in my posts.

I can only imagine where my internship with Esri will take me in my future. I hope you stay connected to the blog to find out about my work and that of other Esri employees.

If you want to see where I have been and how I got here, check out this story map of my life.

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David DiBiase Explains the Importance of Offering MOOCs as Part of Esri’s Education Program

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Esri’s Jim Baumann, published in the May 2015 issue of GeoConnexion. 

Esri’s education enterprise is diverse and spread across the entire company. For the most part, however, our education offerings serve people who already use our technology. What’s new about massive open online courses (MOOCs) is that they provide a way to engage with people who are curious about the power of spatial thinking and geospatial technologies, but who may not be GIS users or even have heard of Esri.

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#EsriJobChat: Your Chance to Talk with Esri Staff From Wherever You Are!

Whether you know all about Esri or are “meeting” us for the first time, join us for #EsriJobChat on Twitter and talk with us about everything careers related … our work environment, our innovative GIS software, current internship and job openings, resumé and interview advice, and more.

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NSBE 41, Here We Come!

We are fired up about attending and exhibiting at the NSBE National Convention in Anaheim this month! Patty and Corey from our HR team share what they’re most looking forward to and the skills they are seeking in future Esri talent.

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Doors to Opportunity Opened for Esri UC Student Assistant

By Guest Blogger Lauren, Student at Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS)

If I could sum up my week in one word, it would be opportunity. The Esri User Conference Student Assistantship Program provided so many opportunities during the conference, and it truly becomes what you make of it. The choices I made during the week will have a long term effect, and seeking every opportunity possible opened many doors.

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‘Deep Sea Dawn’ Shares Some Advice for Students

Dawn Wright (a.k.a. “Deepsea Dawn”) is Esri’s Chief Scientist as well as an ocean scientist, geographer, and GIS author. There isn’t much this neat lady doesn’t do! Her work at Esri involves formulating and advancing the intellectual agenda for the environmental, conservation, climate, and ocean sciences aspect of Esri’s work while also representing Esri to the international scientific community.

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