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Esri Career News for Students

A new issue of Esri News for Students and Recent Grads is now available online.

Included in this issue is information on summer programs (deadlines approaching!), careers for soon-to-be grads, Esri GeoDev Meetups, and more.

We’re looking forward to welcoming more than 100 interns this summer. The majority will be based in Redlands, but we do have opportunities in other regions:

  • Arlington (Software Development)
  • Atlanta (GIS Services)
  • Charlotte (Technical Support, Solution Engineering)
  • Minneapolis (GIS Services)
  • Olympia (Solution Engineering)
  • Portland, ME (Software Development)
  • St. Louis (GIS Services)
  • Washington, DC (Solution Engineering)

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Esri Recruiters on the Road Again

Connecting with Esri staff at a career fair or similar recruiting event can provide that extra edge when competing with other applicants. It gives you the chance to talk with us about the Esri culture and what your educational background and experience can bring to the table. Whether you are interested in a full-time position or one of our summer opportunities for students, it’s a great way to make that important first impression.

We’ll be traveling all around the US this fall. Check out our event map to see where you can meet us!

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Esri Interns Have Arrived!

The Esri Summer Internship Program is well underway, with the majority of students already here and another 20+ arriving in the next few weeks. There will be several activities for interns over the summer; last week students got the chance to meet each other at an informal breakfast. Competition was fierce in the texting contest; congratulations to Skylar from Industry Marketing who was declared Text Master, with Jon from Software Development a close second. The interns who traveled the furthest are Terje, who joins us from Estonia, and Irene from Spain. Chandrahas drove the furthest to come to Redlands, across the country from Virginia. We’ll be posting lots of photos over the summer on the Esri Student Connection Facebook page.

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Sales Pros: Rewrite your career path in just an hour!

Tune in to our free webinar to see how the story begins.

Looking for a job in sales where you will empower your customers to be their best? Esri has immediate needs for account executives, account managers, solution engineers, and sales support staff to work with customers in the commercial sector across the US.

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Connect with Esri Recruiters Right from Your Desktop

Our staff will be as close as your computer next week at two virtual events. This will be a great opportunity to let your talents shine and make that important first impression!

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In the DC Area? Talk Careers with Esri Staff.

If you’re in the DC metro area and are considering a career move, check out these events where you can meet our staff to learn about current openings and what it’s like to be part of the Esri team.

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Hot Job: Training Solution Sales Representative (multiple locations)

Are you a skilled sales professional who also has experience selling to government agencies? We’re seeking individuals who can communicate the value of training to Esri customers. In this role, you’ll proactively seek out training opportunities by consulting with state and local government agencies to understand their needs and leverage your networking skills to expand customer contacts.

Sandra, the recruiter for this position, says, “The ideal candidate will be energetic and enthusiastic with a passion for helping our customers be successful with Esri technology, someone who takes a consultative sales approach to growing a business and meeting customers’ training needs.”

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Intern Perks: Free Training and Being Part of UC

By Guest Blogger Owen, Solution Engineer Intern

On two occasions during my time at Esri I had the opportunity to take training courses, taught by highly knowledgeable Esri staff. This was definitely a highlight to being an intern at Esri. The first class I enrolled in was Introduction to Geoprocessing using Python, which taught me basic Python scripting and workflow automation. The other class I took was Creating Effective Web Applications, an overview of concepts in web app development. I learned the basics of the ArcGIS JavaScript API and how to make GIS content easily accessible to wider audiences.

I can describe Esri training as worthwhile—I came into the courses knowing very little about the subjects and left with good understanding. I felt confident enough to deploy what I learned in various projects throughout the summer because I had gained valuable hands-on experience.

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An Intern’s Observation: The Power of ArcGIS

By Guest Blogger Brian, Support Services

I’m spending the summer as a Desktop Support Services Intern in the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina, where Esri’s Eastern Support Unit is located. I am currently in between my first and second year of graduate school at Appalachian State University where I am continuing my studies in GIS and Renewable Energy site location. I received a B.S. degree in geography with a concentration in GIS from UNC Charlotte.

Staff from Esri’s Charlotte office consistently visit universities around the state, including Appalachian State, UNC Charlotte, and UNC Chapel Hill. During these visits, I had the great opportunity of meeting a number of support analysts and felt that Esri had a lot to offer, not only technically but the people seemed so happy and grateful for their job. Knowing that Esri is such a leader in geospatial technologies, it has always been my goal to land an internship or job here.

Brian (left) and support analyst Ian give two thumbs up
after helping a customer resolve an issue.

Being in a Technical Call Center was a little disconcerting at first, as I have always had the perception that support centers are just places where people read off scripts and provide basic troubleshooting steps to clients. “Turn off your modem, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in. What lights are being displayed?” This is not what Esri support is like in the least. We interact with our customers almost as though we are mini-consultants. We work through their problems with them and help them achieve their end goal. Every problem is different, and it is necessary to be fluent in all aspects of the technology because you never know what kind of call you are going to receive next. This has opened my mind to the power and potential held within ArcGIS.

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Working on All Things GIS

By Guest Blogger Owen, Solution Engineer Intern

My studies of geography at the University of Colorado gave me an introduction to GIS and Esri. This brief experience sparked great curiosity of GIS—the problems the technology can solve and the positive impacts it can have on people—so I eagerly applied to be a summer intern at Esri. When I first heard the news I was going to work at the Denver regional office as a solution engineer intern, I was ecstatic. With two months of school left, I began researching Esri and the many industries the ArcGIS system is used in, and I was amazed. I let my mind wander through all of the possible projects I could take part in.

The moment I walked in the door I could feel the energy and enthusiasm that every employee has for Esri and GIS technology. When I met the team of solution engineers, a creative GIS tech-savvy bunch, I knew immediately that it was a great fit. I thought to myself, “This is going to be great, coming here every day this summer and working on all things GIS!” The work environment is friendly and team oriented. I have had the opportunity to learn from and work with many teams in the office, encouraging me to expand my knowledge of Esri and GIS.

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