What’s #EsriJobChat All About?

If you follow @EsriCareers on Twitter, you’ve probably seen tweets about #EsriJobChat. Hopefully, you’ve tuned in to a session and got some good information, maybe even asked a question.

#EsriJobChat can be a valuable resource if you

  • are actively seeking a new career opportunity—whether it’s GIS related or not!
  • are a “passive” job seeker, just wondering what else is out there
  • need some interview or resumé tips
  • have specific questions about careers at Esri
  • want to know more about what it’s like to work at Esri
  • wonder what general skills we look for in a particular area
  • are interested in summer programs for students

Members of our Human Resources team are on hand to answer your questions, and sometimes employees from other areas host, such as Support Services and Product Development. Watch for day/time announcements by following the #EsriJobChat hashtag on Twitter.

We hope you tune in to a future chat session and participate in the discussion by asking questions or offering your own tips. If there’s ever a topic you’d like us to address or have a specific question, you don’t have to wait for a chat. You can reach us anytime via DM @EsriCareers or e-mail careersblog@esri.com. We look forward to connecting with you!

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