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Landsat 8 Enthusiasts! Which Band Combination do you Use?

Natural Color with DRA (Dynamic Range Adjustment applied to maximize the contrast) Landsat 8 Bands 4,3,2.  This band combination provides an image that looks the way we think the earth and water should look from above.

What does Landsat 8 have to do with Earth Day?  Well for one thing, the latest Landsat 8 satellite imagery is some of the coolest imagery you can access, with remarkable images and information about the Earth being updated daily. … Continue reading

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I’ve got the Whole World on my Phone

Nyali & Mombosa Beach in Kenya

On Tuesdays, we typically go out for pizza with my husband’s family and after dinner, sit and talk for a few hours.  This past Tuesday, the discussion turned to their childhood home and the surrounding places they used to visit … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Living Atlas Community


The Living Atlas of the World is a rapidly growing part of the ArcGIS Platform, providing users with easy access to a rich set of high-quality, ready-to-use content published by Esri and the ArcGIS user community. With this newsletter and … Continue reading

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Esri Community Maps builds the Living Atlas of the World


By Mark Stewart For over four years, Esri Community Maps contributors have been building the Living Atlas of the World through their authoritative data contributions.  What began as a way to build the best, freely available online basemaps is now … Continue reading

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Community Focus: How Hosting Imagery on ArcGIS Online is Helping Fargo, ND


Organizations around the world are discovering the benefits of sharing their imagery with ArcGIS Online and the Living Atlas of the World. Communities both large and small are applying their hosted imagery to solve problems and tackle projects.

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JS code samples for imagery

Developers Summit

Hey check out these code samples from the imagery team that were presented at the 2015 Developers Summit! You can do stuff like: Model avalanche risk Model flood zones Display flow data using vectors based on magnitude and direction, or … Continue reading

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Improve your scientific analysis with one simple trick!


When we talk about scientific data, the term is kind of a catch-all that really refers to three data formats commonly used in the scientific community: NetCDF, HDF, and GRIB. If a normal raster is a grid where each block … Continue reading

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March Updates to the ArcGIS Online Basemaps


New contributions to the imagery basemap were published last week on ArcGIS Online, covering 3 communities from across the country. Haldimand County, located in southern Ontario on the shores of Lake Erie, contributed their 2010, 20cm resolution imagery. Across the … Continue reading

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Hundreds of urban areas updated in World Imagery basemap


With our most recent release, the World Imagery basemap now contains updated coverage of more than 230 urban areas around the globe. This is our third, and by far the largest, batch of Pléiades imagery released. We released Pléiades imagery … Continue reading

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Esri Optimized LAS (zLAS) I/O Runtime Library is Now Available

The zLAS I/O Library is a C++ runtime library that provides API access for reading and writing zLAS as well as converting between zLAS and LAS. It is comprised of a header file documenting the function interfaces, a lib file, and a DLL. Third party developers can use this to add support for zLAS to their applications. The library has an Apache 2.0 license which permits use and redistribution at no cost.

The library is available on GitHub: https://github.com/Esri/esri-zlas-io-library

See: Esri Optimized LAS (zLAS) FAQ

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