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Generate contours dynamically with a new raster function!

Copy of Copy of countour 4

Users of elevation data or other continuous data such as temperature or air pressure, take note! A new custom raster function has been made available for you to add into ArcGIS (version 10.2.1 or later) Desktop and/or Server. This can … Continue reading

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ArcGIS community helps build the World Imagery Map

Olesnica District

The World Imagery Map is the most popular ArcGIS basemap, with 7 billion requests in the first half of 2014 and growing all the time. The value of this map is directly linked to the excellent quality of its content … Continue reading

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Mapping algal blooms

8-13-2014 2-43-33 PM

In July, residents of the city of Toledo were advised to not drink tap water due to an algal bloom which caused potentially dangerous levels of bacteria. Normally, remote sensing of water involves the shortest wavelengths possible because water absorbs … Continue reading

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WorldView 3 launching today


http://www.ulalaunch.com/webcast.aspx At 11:30 AM Pacific Time

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Community Updates to World Imagery


The latest World Imagery update on ArcGIS.com provides a widely-spread tour across the continent. Contributors in this release are from communities along the Great Lakes to coastal California, from one of the fastest growing prairie cities, to a community along … Continue reading

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Water, water…nowhere

gravitational pull US

I was reading the LA Times yesterday, and there was an interesting story about how difficult it has been for the state of California to accurately measure the amount of water that is consumed. Earlier this year, the state mandate … Continue reading

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SPOT, Pléiades and DigitalGlobe added to World Imagery map


We’ve recently updated our World Imagery map with the addition from three different satellite imagery products – SPOT, Pléiades and DigitalGlobe. View the map below for the coverage of the new imagery. SPOT Imagery was added across Canada, the Nordic countries, … Continue reading

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A New Level of Cool: The Arctic Ocean Basemap


The Ocean Basemap Team is happy to announce that the Arctic Ocean Basemap has been released as a beta version and is publicly available! The Arctic Ocean Basemap uses the Alaska Polar Stereographic projection (WKID 5936) and is cached from 1:451,295, 122 … Continue reading

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Imagery UC 2014

Esri UC 2014 logo

Are you interested in imagery? Are you attending the 2014 Esri User Conference? Esri has put together a list of all the imagery related events at the 2014 User Conference into the Imagery Event Planner. Hopefully this will help you obtain … Continue reading

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New Community Contributions Include Updates for World Imagery


The ArcGIS Content Team has updated the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World with enhancements to the World Imagery Map. This ArcGIS Online release includes seven new contributors and two updates to existing community map participants. The new imagery is high-resolution, newer collection date, displaying at larger … Continue reading

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