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10 open source projects every JavaScript geo dev should know about

Regardless of whether you’re a hacker or a well-seasoned developer, writing JavaScript geo apps from scratch takes some serious time, skill, and effort.  Thankfully there’s a few places you can go to get a head start, like the esri.github.io site.  There you’ll find over 170 geo projects on GitHub that are ready to go.  Most of the projects use the ArcGIS APIs and services to do something “geo”, but many integrate with other technologies as well, and others are pure JavaScript solutions.  The other cool thing is that they are all on GitHub, so if there’s a feature missing, it’s easy to make a pull request or log an issue to get it added!

Here are 10 projects that should help you get your JavaScript mapping apps out the door faster. Continue reading

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Input Needed to New Arc Marine Data Model Survey


Posted on behalf of Shaun Walbridge, Esri Help us set the direction for the Arc Marine data model by sharing information about how you use and manage your marine data. In April, we started a discussion with a webinar to … Continue reading

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Esri presentations, panels, and open-source projects at FOSS4G-North America

FOSS4G NA 2013 logo

This week a few members of the Esri team will be at the FOSS4G North America held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. FOSS4G-NA is yearly regional event of OSGeo – the Open Source Geospatial Foundation – highlighting community projects, open-source tools, and … Continue reading

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Setting a New Course for the Arc Marine Data Model


On April 2, 2013, an informal working group of twenty-five (including four Esri staffers) participated in a 1.5-hour webinar to discuss the development of a new, improved version of the Arc Marine Data Model (also known as the “Marine Data … Continue reading

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GIS Tools for Hadoop

On Sunday, David Kaiser and his Big Data crew released the GIS Tools for Hadoop Project on GitHub.

The project contains an open source framework and API that enables big data developers to author custom spatial applications for Hadoop. Continue reading

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Going Open-Source with Esri

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Esri builds tools to make decisions. The ArcGIS platform is the core of this system focused on geospatial data management, conversion, analysis, and visualization. This platform is built to be stable, secure, performant, scale, and provide the general capabilities that … Continue reading

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