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Quick Tips: Consuming Feature Services with Geoprocessing

Identifying a feature service

Do you work with Feature Services? Do you want to use geoprocessing tools or Python to perform analysis with ArcGIS for Desktop? Here’s a few quick tips for using a hosted feature service from arcgis.com or your own ArcGIS for Server … Continue reading

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Reducing Health Care Spending: Analytical Strategies

Medicare spending analysis

The rising cost of health care is a serious problem.  Individuals are increasingly confronted with the impossible choice between food and rent or needed care.  Expensive health care also inflates the cost of doing business making it more and more … Continue reading

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Custom Watersheds at the Click of a Button: Watershed Delineation in ArcGIS Online

Watershed Delineation Geoprocessing Tool

By Steve Kopp, Esri For the water resources community, one of the highlights at this year’s Users Conference was the public beta release of the watershed delineation service in ArcGIS Online. This geoprocessing service is now available to everyone with … Continue reading

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GIS Tools for Hadoop

On Sunday, David Kaiser and his Big Data crew released the GIS Tools for Hadoop Project on GitHub.

The project contains an open source framework and API that enables big data developers to author custom spatial applications for Hadoop. Continue reading

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Python scripting with 64-bit processing

Last week 64-bit Background Geoprocessing was made available for download. We’ve had a few questions from keen Python scripters who want to “get out of the application” and use their big data crunching scripts in 64-bit. If you’re one of those keen scripters, all you need to do is make sure you’re executing against 64-bit Python; no other special commands or tricks needed. Continue reading

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The new ScratchGDB and ScratchFolder environments


One of the enhancements to the 10.1 release was the addition of two new environment variables (scratchFolder and scratchGDB) as mentioned in the What’s New for Geoprocessing in 10.1. (If you haven’t read it, check out all enhancements!). While new … Continue reading

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Path Slope tools are available for download

Path Slope results shown on terrain

The new Path Slope tools are available for download from Arcgis.com.  The Path Slope toolbox is an Esri Defense toolbox for planning. The zip file contains the tools, supporting layers for output symbology, a sample geodatabase with a roads feature … Continue reading

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User Conference 2012 Plenary iPad app now on GitHub

photo (1)

At the 2012 User Conference Lauren Rosenshein Bennett gave a Geoprocessing presentation in which she demonstrated an iPad application. The source code for this app is now available at GitHub! The demo was developed for the iPad using the ArcGIS … Continue reading

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Field mapping and Python scripting

Field Map in the Append (Managemnet) tool dialog

A number of geoprocessing tools including Spatial Join (Analysis), Append (Management), Merge (Management), Feature Class To Feature Class (Conversion), and Table To Table (Conversion), have a parameter for controlling how fields from the input dataset(s) are processed and written, or … Continue reading

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Using spatial analysis to measure city accessibility by intersection density


Past work has shown the more accessible an urban area, the more walking and public transit use is promoted, whilst car journeys and traffic speeds are reduced.  What makes an area accessible and how do we determine if an area … Continue reading

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